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  1. mollymeus, your code is perfect, I did the test and saw that it does not work on physical objects. It would have some code like this for physical object. I need a seaplane to level (align) at height determined by user. I was working with 'VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION' but the plane keeps going up or down even when the value set to 0, it makes the plane oscillate all the time, I need more precision I'm out of ideas.
  2. yes, but I would like for example to rotate 10 degrees up, but without changing the direction of the prim. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// vector vOffset2 = <1,0,0> * llGetRot(); vector noY = <llVecMag(<vOffset2.x, vOffset2.y, 0.0>), 0.0, vOffset2.z>; integer pitch = llRound(llAtan2(noY.z, noY.x) * RAD_TO_DEG); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// would be the reverse process of this code. This code gives me the pitch, but I want the object to have a pitch set by me
  3. I have a problem rotating a prim, I found some examples, but in the example, explain to rotate the prim in one of the 3 axes. I need the prim to rotate (up or down) always in front. The front would be the coordinate E on the world map and zero rotation on first rez. Thanks
  4. I think I could, in fact I just needed to multiply by -1. float angle = llAtan2(my_pos.x*-1,my_pos.y*-1) * RAD_TO_DEG; thanks again for the support.
  5. Hello Innula Zenovka, I appreciate your help, but I still do not understand what I should do, I will try to illustrate better .. I have a fixed point on the world map, this point I already have. Example vector fix_point = <305310.70000, 234906.70000, 27.44904> indicated by the Red Point the image I only need x and y. I have my position on the world map using llGetRegionCorner()+llGetPos(); In real time. indicated by the Blue Point the image I have a compass that indicates my rotation in the world 80 ° in the picture I need to know, which direction (which angle ?° relative to the compass) I must take to get to this fixed point. In the example image, I know that I must take the 235 ° direction to get to the fixed point, but how to find the direction in the virtual world? (remembering that I will be moving, so this direction will not be fixed) I tried to use your formula, but I was unsuccessful, it really seems to be very difficult to work with angles. A second image as an example, I'm in another place in the world.... thanking for the help.
  6. I want to know what angle I should follow to get to the fixed point, so I can align the angle of the compass with the angle I have to go to get to the fixed point.
  7. Thanks for the help Mollymews. It seems a little difficult for me, so far I have a compass and managed to find the angle that I find myself in the world in relation to the fixed point. But what I need is to know which angle to follow to get to the fixed point. vector fix_point = <305310.70000, 234906.70000, 20>; //any position in the world default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////// RELATION TO FIXED POINT ///////////////////////////// vector my_pos = (llGetRegionCorner()+llGetPos()); my_pos = my_pos - fix_point; float angle = llAtan2(my_pos.x,my_pos.y) * RAD_TO_DEG; if(angle < 0.0) angle += 360.0; angle * DEG_TO_RAD; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////// COMPASS //////////////////////////////////////////// rotation currRot=llGetRot(); vector currEuler=llRot2Euler(currRot); float zRotAngle=currEuler.z; float heading=PI_BY_TWO-zRotAngle; while (heading<0) heading+=TWO_PI; heading=heading*RAD_TO_DEG; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// llSetText("Angle" + (string)angle + "° |" + "Compass=" + (string)heading + "°",<1,1,1>, TRUE ); ]); } }
  8. Angle relative to a fixed point in the world Hello, is it possible for me to find out which angle to follow to get to a fixed point in the world? Something like the image below ..
  9. Working Great, thanks Rolig Loon
  10. Hello guys, I need a quick cleanup of this string in http_response.. {"dat":[{"length":37,"rid":"pro.ts","text":["I just want this part of the string"]}]} I take only the part in bold thank you for help.
  11. problem with camera ended a vehicle (plane) that uses only one configuration of dynamic camera but an error always happens almost always when exchanging island (when I go to a continent) was passed with a vehicle with a little rotation (bow making) the camera back to the correct position, but whenever we step from one island to another with the vehicle in a straight line, the camera is screwed (prey) and not the avatar back to the correct position, being sometimes even reversed (the correct position would be behind the avatar) I tried several changes, one of which was to update the camera whenever change, but still not got success. could someone help me? thanks
  12. You can help me? I'm new to this script and the rotation is very difficult (
  13. I could not do the same rotation that posted in the first post with this script. the object always rotate on only 1 axis
  14. I could not do the same rotation that posted in the first post with this script. the object always rotate on only 1 axis
  15. thank for help LepreLhaun but it works in vehicle?
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