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  1. I was able to place my product to MP by just clicking in the listing item status from inactive to active, click update, and don't worry about the "So Sorry to keep you waiting" message. I checked in MP and my product was listed, hope that helps all that are having the same issue:)
  2. I have been down way over 24 hours now with the same message. last talked to Kristin Linden Account Specialist Linden Lab 5 hours ago when I filled a ticket. I deleted the listing, and started over tonight, but got the same message you did when I clicked update from the edit window. I guess its to late for them to respond now but hopefully they will figure out what's going on by morning.
  3. SLFutbol League is looking for someone to head, organize and operate a referee commission. The commission of referees for SLFutbol League will provide one referee per official match and other responsibilities. This person must be organizes, responsible, and able to communicate well with others. For more details please contact Amaru Vella, or Giovanni Gata (hrhgata benelli)
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