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  1. Our growing real estate company is currently looking for a real estate agent to join our team. Experience with in world real estate is not necessary, but real life customer service experience is preferred. This is a paid position. Please copy and paste the below text into an in-world notecard and send to Xuxa Carnell to be considered. Response on this board or via direct IM will result in your application being ignored. Legacy Name (not Display Name): SL Born Date: RL Time Zone: What times/days are you available to be on SL (in SLT)? Previous SL Job Experience: Do you have RL customer service experience? (Details are not required, but may help.) Have you owned/rented land in SL? Are you familiar with region management? Are you familiar with parcel management?
  2. Hi Cassy! I sent you a private message through here. Hope to speak to you soon.
  3. This name also doesn't seem to be replying in world to notecards. Can't really start a bidding war on here with no starting price....
  4. Looking for a 30k sim (doesn't have to be GF) as soon as possible. Please IM or send a note card to Xuxa Carnell in world.
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