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  1. Kylie Jaxxon wrote:

    Check out the mens style at Damselfly...some of the womens hair might serve your purpose also


    Oh hey, I'm not afraid to show my feminine side!!


    *snaps fingers and struts*



    thanks tho :matte-motes-asleep-2:

  2. I have found some nice men's hair (or at least hair that I liked) at Amacci...

    Having said that, anyone know a place to get men's hair that flows?  I'm talking about hair that moves, very high quality.....   the type that looks very life-like, versus hair that never moves.



  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    Pazzo Pestana wrote:

    What on earth do shape designers have to gain from making a shape no mod, especially in the age of mesh??? One size no longer fits all, regardless of how many sizes of a mesh clothing object are included in a purchase.  I was puzzled when I saw no mod sculpty objects begin to appear in the outfits of female friends - again, what's to gain from making a clothing item unwearable??  With mesh and the cost of mesh, the point seems to be even more acute!

    I'm interested in fnding male shapes capable of being modified to fit mesh clothing and made taller so my nose is at least level with that of a 2.3m woman in high heels and not buried in her cleavage ... at least until we're in a more secluded place...

    If there are shape stores with such items - modifiable, expandable male shapes - I'd like to know.


    Why change yourself to fit others expectations? This is Secondlife, YOUR Secondlife! Be the avatar you want to be. I am 6.4 Feet tall. Yes, I come up to most womens boobs. But the ones I find that are my size are fun and open and a blast to be around. Most of the amazonian women are the ones that demand men to be 3M tall and sliders to the max.. superficial at best.

    Until mesh is able to fit the av and not the other way around, I wont buy it. I made my shape. I don't want to mod my shape to fit the clothing. I want to look like me, not their ideal male.

    Be yourself.

    I'm lost (and also clueless) on the new mesh thing....

    Are you saying that if I buy mesh clothing, I will have to modify my shape to fit it?  If so, why??

  4. Medhue Simoni wrote:

    If you are making your own mix and match AO, do not expect the transitions between animations to be smooth. How smooth those transitions are is completely dependent upon the animator, and the next animation being played.

    As for playing animation to see what they are, I would suggest only buying copy mod animations. After you add all the animations you want to the ao, select all of them and drag then into a folder, in your inventory. Then, you can play them freely. It might also be good to drag the notecard into your ao and edit that from your inventory also.

    Good ideas.  I'm hopeful that the Firestorm, or other AO suggested, will make this whole process into a fun one, versus a miserable work-oriented one!

  5. Nova Convair wrote:

    Yep, not very comfortable.

    If no copy animations were bought and put into the AO there will be a little problem to play them from inventory

    I have seen a dance hud with web based setup, (arrange with the mouse) I don't know if there exists an AO with that service.

    Some TPV's (3rd party viewers like Firestorm) have a built in AO. Drag animations with the mouse from inventory into the AO setup window and arrange the order. (animations stay in inventory so can double clicked for playing the animation)


    Oh snap, Firestorm has a built in AO where you can drag and arrange?!?!   That is awesome!!!!!!!


    All I need from Firestorm is OTR, and I'll be a happy camper. :matte-motes-smitten:


    Thank you Nova

  6. Theresa Tennyson wrote:

    If you double-click on the animations in your inventory they "play" and move your avatar. You can then note what animation does what and sequence them in the notecard to transition logically. Be sure to set your AO to play them "sequentially" instead of "randomly" if that's an option.

    AKEYO makes an AO system that's supposed to be able to recognize animations and configure them without notecards. You can buy an empty AO from them and put in your own animations. I'm not sure if it features custom sequencing though.

    Thank you Theresa!!!


    I am going to try this.

    Will report back in a couple days.

  7. Ok, I have an AO hud from Amacci.  I have purchased a dozen or more individual animations, and 6 months ago I created a notecard, loaded in some of the animations I had purchased, and loaded that into the AO hud.  Well now it's months later, and I feel like I am ready to grow/upgrade, yet when I went back over this process, it didn't seem very user-friendly.  Oh I'm sure I can figure out how to do it again, but it would be more like WORK than fun. 

    I am wondering, why there isn't an AO hud that allows you to easily load your animations into it, where you can view what the animation looks like, and then arrange all your animations in a particular order, so that they make sense.  For example, I have a drow/cyber character.  I have an assortment of floating animations.  When I load them though, my avi will go from sitting with legs crossed, to spinning around in a circle.  The transition doesn't look natural.  I'd prefer a different order, but I don't even know how to view my animations, so that I know which is which.  All I have are the names of the animations, and my only option seems to be to just throw them on the notecard, and hope for the best.

    Any of you techies, or anyone else, have any suggestions?

  8. Griffin Ceawlin wrote:

    Firestorm will have OTR sometime in the
    ("We won't have OTR in the next Firestorm release but I'll 'try' my best to get it in the next.").

    Unless you're working in national security... or you're a terrorist... or you're a criminal... I don't see why OTR is such a dealbreaker. But that's just me.

    Well I'm a terrorist working in national security, so I guess that makes me a criminal, as such, I need OTR!!!


    Do you know if the mesh in Phoenix is much different than the mesh in Firestorm?  I've been using an old version of Phoenix all this time, so I haven't yet experienced Mesh, nor know anything about it.



  9. I have been using Phoenix for the past year (at the suggestion of many other users), however I have heard of this "mesh", and how it is much better for avi appearance, and thus I would like to try it.  Now I heard that the latest version of Phoenix supports mesh, but that it might not work as well as on other viewers.

    Any techies out there who can educate me on viewers, OTR, and which are better for mesh?

    Also, anyone know of a good article that might breakdown mesh in a simple way, for us non-techies?


    thank you

  10. Hello all,


    I like to use Phoenix viewer because of the OTR feature.  From what I understand, Phoenix can't support mesh, and Firestorm doesn't have OTR.

    Am I correct in concluding that my only options are to either go without mesh, or go without OTR?  Is there no viewer which supports both?

  11. Rowan Villiers wrote:


    I don't really see how it's a "power play" though; anyone who seriously thinks having a "hot" avatar gives them power- or lets someone with a "hot" avatar have power over them for only that reason- needs to realize that pretty much ANYONE could look just like that, if they bought the same stuff.  You could find yourself someone who doesn't have a falsely overinflated ego over something illusory and make them look just like the stuck up "hottie" if you want. *shrug*  Pretty pixels are nice, but the brains behind them are what really matters, as far as being sexy goes.

    t is a power play when someone filled with insecurities (uptight person) creates an avi exuding sexiness, with the sole purpose/intent of garnering attention -  so that they can feel important.


    The person who said you see mostly that because of the places you frequent is also correct, however.  Birds of a feather n whatnot.  Look around some other type places if you wanna see what female avatars look like in more than straps n strings

    Funny, I click on "apparel" on the Marketplace, without even specifying it for "women", and the same thing I see everywhere in SL, pops up.

    I guess some of you must dwell in a holy/conservative nether-region of SL that isn't easy to find, where people are more "substantial".  What's funny about THAT though, is that many of the same people who talk this jive, are the same people who spend endless days of their life posting on this forum, babbling inanely about nothing at all, or seeking any petty contention that they can find. 

  12. Some forums are much worse than others...

    I've noticed on THIS forum, that there are a group/clique of trolls....     they post here like 24/7 of every day.   It's actually quite amazing, but at the same time pretty sad and pathetic.

    I've had trolls make personal comments/presumptions about me, and cite stuff I posted about a year ago.

    Now tell me what kind of person actually memorizes what other anonymous people on a forum may or may not have posted about, a year ago?! lol


    I'd guess people without a life, and such are the kinds of people that make up "trolls".

  13. Mayalily wrote:

    I don't feel I dress that way, and no I don't find men who would have their butt hanging out attractive.  I'm attracted to male avatars that look dressed.  lol   I know they make a lot of half clothing here in SL, but it's not my thing.  Leaving more to the imagination is more sexy to me. 

    And yes the shirtless look can get a little clone-ish in SL.  The bare chest look is a little overdone, imo. 

    I'd prefer more creator's to include an option of a longer and more normal mini dress for instance, not ones that make someone's butt hang out. 

    I personally don't like some of the women's designs that are way, way too short.  I'd never wear 'em. 

    I can respect that definitely.

    I think conservative is good, but asked this question because I see SO many women (the great majority) dressed provactive/revealing, and was just wondering if they do so because they are a sexy person their self, or if it's just done for a "power play".



  14. Kelley Foxclaw wrote:

    I know this is for the ladies, but

    Ladies seem to determine what we, as men, wear.

    Why is that?


    Well MY take is that we dress for what we want to attract.  

    In other words, we probably wouldn't spend NEAR the amount of time getting fresh and spiffy, if it weren't in order to attract women.


    Conversely women do the same, even though they like to PRETEND that "I just dress for myself".  Many of them even convince themselves of that, lol.

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