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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, Rolig Loon. I've been seeing you in a lot of LSL threads last 2 days, you've been a great help already! As for other methods, I can think of simple ones, but they are prone to fail, or make buyers disatisfied with the solution. I've been playing around in LSL for last 2 days after few years break, and I'm learning as I go. Unfortunately I must admit that I don't get your solution fully. I'm not sure how to assign each user a unique identifier. Would you mind explaining your solution a bit more noob-friendly?
  2. I have 2 objects - one of them generates a channel using: MyChannel = 0x80000000 | (integer)("0x"+(string)llGetOwner); let's call that object "the key" and the second object, "the listener" generates the channel with: MyChannel = 0x80000000 | (integer)("0x"+(string)llGetObjectDesc); where llGetObjectDesc contains the UUID of the person holding "the key". 2 people. 1 of them holds the key, the other the listener For example: I, Morri(c043ccc0-8416-417d-aa69-0155d67ff857), have "the key", and it generates the channel using my ow
  3. Hello, Im still not able to log in, what may be the reason? 1. I tried resetting my computer, and the router. 2. I can connect to sites like google, AND secondlife.com obviously.
  4. Hello, Im still not able to log in, what may be the reason? I get an error "DNS could not resolve the host name"
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