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  1. Oh that's great to know! I love my classic skin and just started looking on the marketplace for others but not finding anything even close. I'm not sure I will make the investment until this "Baked on Mesh" is live. Do you know any ETA on this feature?
  2. I have recently returned to SecondLife and just learning how the mesh body works. This thread provided some great clarity on how the skin/body affects the face. I have a question tho. I have some old skins that I love but I wouldn't be able to use those on a mesh body because they don't have the applier right?
  3. Thank you so much, this worked perfectly. I'm now researching the mesh bodies and trying to figure out how it all works but in the meantime this is a great fix for me.
  4. Hello! I am returning to Second Life after quite some time. I have a classic avatar with a classic shape. I don't plan to change that at this time. The only problem I am having is none of my shoes will fit anymore. The heel of my foot is always sticking out even tho I have the foot shape for that shoe on. I have a quite a nice collection of shoes from Maitreya and Shiny Things that I used to love but I believe these are all outdated now as these are the ones giving me trouble. My questions are: Is there anyway to fix this so I can still wear these shoes? Can anyone point me in the right direction for nice looking shoes for a classic avatar? Thank you
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