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  1. Honestly, I would of dump him when he started being pushy
  2. They had the heads at a different location, they had a LM to head at the store
  3. Lelutka also had a free Mesh head gift for limited time at about the same time as the sale, it wasn't to hard to get,
  4. Looks like MP is down now
  5. same problem here... LOL
  6. You look very lovely Baebee, best of luck to you in finding what you are looking for, I recently found the perfect girl for me, I know you can too
  7. Rarely where any knickers, unless the skirt I am wearing is extremely short, really don't care if people see my naked pixel bits
  8. You did the right thing, don't waste time on guys like that, happy you found the right guy
  9. If it was me I would worry if it was true and I can't see it, I am worry I am the ugly girl that thinks she is hot, but I probably say thanks and move on
  10. Guys that hang out at ladies clothing store just to hit on women
  11. when you are at a club, a guy or girl who is couple dancing with another person, starts hitting on you
  12. In my many years of being in SL, I only found one place where LGBTQ weren't allow, most places are cool with it
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