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  1. Hi Amber, and welcome to SL. Yes it can be confusing in the beginning. There are places like New Citizens Inc. that can be very helpfull for people new to SL. As for having someone mentor you it might make things easier if you were to state what times and days you are most likely to be in world. I'm on many evenings from 5pm SL time to 8pm so if that's when you're on feel free to drop me an IM instant message in word. Best of uck to you
  2. Pay it no mind Nalytha, he saw the thread title and felt this is where his comments belong.......
  3. Sigh…… I suspect you’re too dense to realize you just proved my point better than I ever could have done myself.
  4. Sadly his attempts at trying to feel superior are not confined to your posts alone. Early on it was almost amusing to see him trying so very hard to act as the self appointed forum guardian of grammar and spelling. But since it did not give him the attention and status he so desperately needs, he has now branched out to putting down anyone daring to ask a sl related question, and has aquired a new position as forum topic police. What was once somewhat amusing, has now just become pathetic. The forums have become less enjoyable, less informative and much more toxic thanks to the jerk. But I’m sure it’s mission accomplished to him.
  5. I'm sure someone more able than I will chime in, but one suggestion is to reset your router for your internet connection. Just unplug it wait a few seconds and plug it back in.... Good luck
  6. It's happened to me before after doing an update. What I had to do was update the drivers for my video card. Once done the problem went away.....
  7. LOL....For the record, Mr. Cohen is a music artist her quote is from. Stella is the one offering the suggestion.
  8. Finding other mature people can be a bit of a challenge. For much of my first year here I had one oasis that was well run, played good music and attracted many like minded people. The use of overdone gestures and over produced music was kept to a minimum, and it was just a great place to hang and talk about anything and everything. Sadly they closed a few weeks back after operating for several years. Sounds to me like you need to take one of your parcels and open your own club......lol. If you do, let us know. I'll be happy to drop by.
  9. The first time I "earned" some lindens was very special. It was my first live music show........heck I even forgot to put out a tip jar until three songs into the set. Now I no longer have to spend any rl money to have my parcel and shop and it feels good to finance my sl life from my music........something I can't seem to do in rl....grins
  10. "On the contrary, in my experience the typical SL woman will be only too glad to receive an IM which doesn't make some shallow comment about appearance or ask for sex." Ain't that the truth!!!!!!
  11. Although I tend to take profiles with a grain of salt, I do prefer it when someone has put something in them. Sometimes it helps by showing there is a common interest or they are into something that I find interesting and would like to know more about. Being a musician and stating so in my profile has led to several gigs. And the bad ones tell me just as much as the good ones.....grins
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