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  1. Here's a shot showing Rah in The Future, The Present, and The Past (2007)
  2. Hello Newbie. I am having this same issue. Would love a video o your process.
  3. Love this feature. When I cleaned the computer out and this option failed the first time back in-world...I immediately went on the search to remember how to activate it. Love that instantanious option of travel ;-D
  4. Hello Bobby. LoveAngel provided a great link for information; very worth reading. I'd just like to add what I do in this case...Change clothes! If there are outfits created, just right click and wear. This has worked for me! Good Luck. Rah
  5. When I came upon this hair in the inventory, it was a perfect fit to a complete outfit I created. The hair was set to Full Permissions. I still wanted verification from creator. When accessing the avatar, the "User Unavailable" option appears in Profile. For myself, I have modified a few prims and added a few prims; even changed the Hair Texture...Would love to add this to the Package which would be sold on Marketplace. Can this be added as a Bonus item? How have others worked through these issues?
  6. Andy. I get this very same issue when turning the Lighting and Shadows settings on. Trees no longer have leaves for these textures are alpha. I lov ethe shadows and lighting; however, I lose many textures when set. I've tried logging out, clearing cashe (manually as well) and teleporting. If you find something that works, please let me know!
  7. Hello All. Have an issue I cannot resolve. The Profile information is in Spanish. I have tried to change the language via preference; however, still Spanish in Profile (even after relog). Any ideas on how to change this in Viewer 2? PeeWee. Tried that...and manually removed cache from the computer. Still another language.. I found the answer folks! In the lower area of the profile, when on a website, is a language option. Once this was selected to English, all was well in the world!
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