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  1. I lost SL about a month ago when older viewers were disallowed.I have a IMac os10 2 yrs old. I then downloaded MOS sierra and n0 difference,. I deleted all SL viewers, all applications, and did a clean sweep. Work times 2 but avatar not right. Inventory unuseable. Oh yes downloaded a fresh sL viewer. I have been in SL for 9 years and am so depressed. I do not think the creators told us that Macs do not work with this new viewer. I have tried other alternate viewers support guided me to. I think only PC's work. I too need help with a fix on my Mac. If anyone can help, would help all of SL. with love, cleome jewell
  2. Nothing that SL supports suggest for a fix works. I even use the phone to California and they get it all wrong.I can not get in to world 3 weeks trying everything.ThereforeI can not sell or delete my main line or other homes. I will just keep trying. cleome jewell
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