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  1. My voice has previously worked on this computer. I have already tried: 1) Reinstalling SL 2) Opening ports and finally disabling windows firewall 3) Relogging 4) Checking my audio devices 5) Running as Administrator Whenever I go to my preferences and input/output devices in the most recent viewer, it just says "please wait" but never loads and I have no Voice dot above my head. What's wrong? I'm on a laptop, connected through WiFi - is this it? EDIT3: I fixed it! For others w/issues: Using Task Manager I ended the SLVoice process and then Disabled voice and clicked apply. Then i reenabled it and logged in. a popup came up asking to allow or deny it and it worked. :)
  2. Inventory based? Hmm. I always wondered why second life didn't start off like that.. the whole Magic Box thing seems a little complicated. But it's good they are considering the switch. Anyway, thank you.
  3. I just had a crazy idea. I've never sold anything before so pardon me if this sounds ignorant - but couldn't you wear a magic box on yourself if you had no land? You could hide it inside your head and keep it fairly small, no?
  4. I'm looking for a litle experience as a new dancer/stripper in Second Life. Are there any freelance clubs you know of with decent traffic, or clubs that will allow dancers to choose their own schedule/hours are not specifically set? Thank you. :)
  5. I've decided that it's a beautiful day outside, and therefore, I'm gonna spend it sitting inside drawing! Hooray! If you want, I'll draw your SL avatar. I won't do everyone, and it won't be first come first serve, but.. I'll try. The less complicated, the better, and guys may turn out a little feminine. Oh, it'll probably be an anime or chibi style. :P I'm not an amazing artist btw, this is just for fun but I do my best. As stated, it's free unless you feel like tipping but I really doubt I'm good enough for that. So, nothing to lose right? :P Post a pic of your avatar here and I'll decide. I'll probably post the link here and message it to you.
  6. I have been on Second Life for approximately 8 months now and I am looking for work. I have previous experience in modeling, which is primarily what I am looking for, but I have also worked as a hostess and am open to trying other things. If you are interested, here is a headshot: [here] And a full-body picture: [here] Thank you! :) :
  7. Okay, so I'm up to the step where I add my product to the Magic Box. Now how do I a) get it on the site and b) make a listing? I think my question was misunderstood last time, haha, so sorry but I need to ask again. Also, when it says the box needs to remain in world, does that mean it can be in my inventory or does it actually have to stay out?
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