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  1. Love this challenge, thank you for creating it. So much fun looking at everyone elses contributions and seeing how much they have and haven't changed .. it's like looking back through everyones photo album's ♥
  2. which is where i was hoping maybe a more urban theme blended from the suburban theme might have come into play .. like, driving out of the suburbs into the City - it would have been great to have that diversity yet continuity. I loved your post and i'm so happy people 'get' where i was coming from. I can't pick a point in it that i would disagree with, it sums up perfectly how i felt in my OP. I certainly didn't want to detract from the work that LL do to provide us with these awesome homes, its really appreciated and i do really love my tradtional but like yourself, i was hoping for something a little more 'different', however reading through the thread i can also see why the 'victorian' was introduced
  3. Hahaha i had this dilemma - which do i give up .. trailer or tradtional .. as much as i loved the trailer, it had to go. Decisions Decisions lol
  4. again, it was used to describe a style of decor that correlates with that style of home. I did state this already but i'm happy to re - iterate it. Again, a description of a style of home that is seen in this area of the USA, not sure what you're implying with this. absolutely and i don't have a problem with debating the issue that i raised. I'm intelligent and literate enough to be able to do that. However, i do have a problem with people nitpicking words that have different meanings based upon where you are living in the world and i have a problem with people being personally rude and insulting towards me for using them too. I hoped it would, absolutely. Forum debates are fun and interesting. It didn't invite individuals to insult me or be rude towards me on a personal level though. I wasn't rude to anyone in my OP. I understand that there are passionate feelings regarding the project but again, that doesn't give people the right to nitpick, judge, insult or be rude towards me because of an opinion that was not expressed personally towards them. I don't have to and shouldn't have to take those into consideration in my OP. Oh totally, yourself included and thats great ! For my own feelings though .. i'm underwhelmed by it. Simple as that. i already do this thread makes me wonder haha, thanks though In the future, i hope so too. For now though, i'll happily sit on my tradtional and keep my other premium account free for the next theme.
  5. lol finally, thank you ❤️ i hope they read this tiny thread then and maybe take something positive from it
  6. i love your post, it's so positive ❤️ and thats what i was trying to do with my OP
  7. maybe so, but again, even in that advertisment it is still defining chintz in the manner i intended it, not as some took it.
  8. exactly, they are nice .. but same old same old, too similar to the tradtional theme imho that, right there - it would have been awesome to have seen a new theme that was catered for people who enjoy other genre's of SL - ie: medieval/fantasy/fae/wildwest/ .. etc. or even just a little bit over there, not a near replica of what is already out there
  9. I didn't realise i was meant to be complimentary when i am expressing how disappointed i was by the new style. However, it's noted for future reference. What i said was purely meant as an observation based upon the style of the homes in regards to that style of decor - nothing more, nothing less. If you're reading more into that, then thats on you. Not me. As i said previously, i meant it as an observation based upon the style of the homes. Simple as that. A slight against them ? No. Calling something average, isn't an insult i don't think when that is how i see something and in this case, the new homes were nothing more outstanding than what we already have - thus making them, imho, average. If the term 'average' insults you, then sorrynotsorry. Feel free to 'pull me up' for that too
  10. They really are, i think so anyway This is pretty much what i was trying to say in my OP - i feel exactly the same
  11. seriously, i LOVE the trailers and the traditional homes, they're pretty gorgeous, both styles/genre's - i totally agree ! Which is where i felt underwhelmed by the reveal, disappointed even that it wasn't a 'new' theme as such. absolutely not, i'm not a rude person by nature. Opinionated, yes haha, rude only when provoked and even then after i've bitten my lip and sat on my hands. I just don't think there was any juste cause to attack me personally for an opinion that didn't intentionally insult any particular person ❤️ Thanks for being reasonable and reading my OP properly as intended
  12. that was EXACTLY where i was going with my opinion. Thank you for pointing it out and being a voice of reason
  13. as i said previously, you're no more right or wrong than i am and i'm too old to be doing he said she said. I 110% stand by my description on how i view the new homes with no exception or apology for the terms and words i used to describe them too, as i did so with no intention of insulting anyone. If i did insult anyone, it was by no means intended however, and that i am sorry for, but i won't ever be sorry for 1) speaking my mind and 2) using a term that is acceptable to my own culture. Take that as you will, call me ignorant, arrogant, all the above, i don't really care. I just find it sad that you nitpick my post with something so petty instead of actually reacting to the subject posted about
  14. Given your attitude and reaction to something that was entirely an opinion not aimed personally at you or anyone else - i can truly say the feeling is very mutual. I'll continue to enjoy my tradtional home with add-on's that look like the new reveal homes. Good luck in trying to get one of the new ones, i wish you all the best
  15. probably a good thing because you're obviously not reading what i wrote before as pointed out before, it might be construed that way in your society, but in mine, it's perfectly fine to describe the quoted above. If you're going to get angsty over cultural differences regarding decoration, then i can't debate that however, please understand that what i meant, isn't what you're reading and neither of us are right or wrong
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