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  1. So. I have all my outputs for sound, voice, media, music, everything, set to headphones. All the sound preferences inside firestorm says headphones, including the voice settings. Voice is enabled. The sliders for sound volume for everything is turned up. I have all my windows settings set to headphones, from the sound settings, the default sound control panel, and the sound output from the taskbar. I can't hear voice at all. However. I switch output in task bar from headphones to different devices, sometimes, it will go through my headphones if I keep flipping through devices, even to devices I've tried, flipping through to the headphones, to speakers, to different speakers, to different outputs, back to headphones, to speakers, to headphones, to different devices, to speakers, to headphones to speakers etc, sometimes, it will land on a different device completely different than headphones, and I will sometimes hear it through my headphones even if output is set to speakers, but not all the time, the outpit might be set to speakers, and THEN it will work with my headphones, but it's not 100% of the time. When I do get it to work, if I teleport, it switches the output to something different, and I have to go through that process all over again, randomly selecting sound output devices, even teleporting inside the same sim. What gives?
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