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  1. I tried all of the above including a clearing of my cache, no luck. I contacted the land owner, hopefully he can find it and sent it back to me.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. I have checked my lost and found folder and it is not there. It was dropped on a sim that isn't mine. A friend of mine has a little appartment rented here and I have access to it. With the proper group tag on I am allowed to unpack things on the land, such as shopping bags etc. Been in SL since 2008 and never had anything like this happen to me. I hope it will return one day (rather soon though!). A lot of linden was invested in this.
  3. Hi everyone, I bought a few dances today and wanted to add them to my huddles. I have to drop my huddles on the floor to do so and so I did. Added a few dances, picked it up, cheked it and it worked. So I wanted to continue adding a few more . When I dropped my huddles back on the floor it said: attempt to create opbject failed. Since then I have not seen it. It didnt reappear in my inventory nor on the floor of the sim I was at. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it back? It got quite a few dances in it and losing it would make me quite sad :( (p.s. Linden has no option to file a ti
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