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  1. Such a beautiful pic. Congrats!
  2. Beautiful shot Leonorah. Congrats!
  3. Wow...what a surprise to find my kitties and pup as Pic of the Day. Thanks so much!
  4. LOLOL....so adorable. The angle is great. Great job!
  5. Nice colors...nice attitude in the pose. Great job!
  6. *Joins the fan club and becomes a groupie
  7. Love the way the origami birds mirror the color of the dress. Nice detail!
  8. You look ready to go drink some bootleg whiskey then dance the night away Very pretty photo!
  9. Ooooh....love the dreamy quality and colors. Very nicely done!
  10. Well, if she's a First Name/Last name account, never get rid of her ....those names are like gold. Send her to rehab, enroll her in a 12-step program, sign-her up for a make-over, give her a breath mint and in a few months she'll feel new and you'll enjoy playing her again. Sometimes an account needs to be parked for awhile but if you delete you'll probably be sorry at some point. All that inventory, all that history, all those memories. Just my opinion.
  11. Great dreamy feel. Makes me want to knock on the door and ask for a glass of lemonade.
  12. Adorable...love the stretched wings.
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