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  1. If you are a iletrate that dont know the value of art and culture, I can just feel shame on you... If you can't understand amazing places are the mean that bring people in Second Life, as an advertisement for the variety of people and contents around, you surely don't really have in mind that, as great sims slowly dies people just start vanishing and... Second Life just can disappear from thin air. If you think that will not happen, you are too very naive. Maybe, when its too late, you will realize what preservation means...
  2. They can return... aI was working on new cyberpunk outfits right this month, two armors are ready, I did a small shoot... I need Hangar, we all need it
  3. I have been to Hangar Liquides a lot two years ago. it was 2017, I always loved scifi and started discovering some of the incredible sci-fi sims of Second Life. I knew Lawrence and the creator personally, and was amazed by how she really loved her creation. It was an amazing thing to be able to just go along those roads and see the magic of that sim. Every place was huge, full of details, and every day I just went around and found totally different areas. Everything there have a reason, Hangar was built with magic from someone that know about art like almost no one knows in Second Life.
  4. That is a very nice and different kind of roleplay. Liked that! Really hope you find a good girl to work with you! If I log in SL for a regular time I would try to
  5. You can surely attract a lot of curiosity from girls around with your life and style... dont know if you will find a submissive wife, but options will not be a problem, believe
  6. Have send a message to you so we can talk better...*winks*
  7. err... hello! *smiles* Hope this is the right place to post this... if not I am sorry! I will be very direct in this post: I am looking for an active roleplayer that is interested to make a twin sister. My objective is to hang out and have fun in a lot of possible ways (it is not only sex and adult sims). So, if theres someone interested just send me a message here or search for me in SL (Emanuelle Hultcrantz) so we can talk about all the details like looks, styles, history, rp, etc. Thank you!
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