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  1. Hallo Maschera Viewer 2 verwendet einen zu 1.x-basierten Viewern inkompatieblen Cache, es kann also eine Weile dauern, bis die Kleidungs-Texturen neu runtergeladen sind. Erst dann kann der Viewer die verschiedenen Kleiderschichten übereinanerlegen und das Ergebnis und den Server zurückschicken. Falls du auch nach längerem Warten nicht richtig aussiehst, versuche folgendes: Wechsle dein Outfit, warte bis das neue Outfit geladen ist, dann wechsle zurückoder Aktiviere das Advanced-Menü: Strg-Alt-Shift-D (taste für Buchstaben d, nicht delete) Drücke Strg-Alt-R, damit der Viewer die Kleider-Texturen neu übereinaner legt und nochmals zum Server schickt
  2. Do not send your passport, or any other original document. You could get in serious trouble if it gets lost on the way and I don't know how happy Linden Lab would be about having to mail it back to you (again with the risk of it getting lost on the way). Send a photocopy (on paper) or attach (upload) a scan to a "Basic Account or Guest Login" support ticket.
  3. Vssion.Beresford wrote: I got a note that offered teleport to "Private Changing Area". Does anyone know where these changing areas are. New Citizens Inc. has a changing room for women and one for men. I guess some clothing stores have them, too. It that what you mean? It must be a misprint. Why that? My home parcel does not allow rezzing of some items. Do you own the land? What types of items fail to rez? I am bald at this time. See point 3 in Irene's answer above.
  4. Can you right-click > "detach" the black rectangle? Then it was an object attached to a HUD attachment point. Whether those are shown in Snapshots can be set in the Snapshot Preview window.
  5. Torben.Trautman wrote: Um für Linden Lab arbeiten zu können, musst Du in einem Land leben, in dem sie eine Niederlassung haben (in den USA in einem Bundesstaat mit einer Niederlassung).Selten werden auch work-from-home-Stellen (Festanstellungen, keine Auftragsarbeiten) ausgeschrieben, die man meines Wissens nach von überall annehmen kann.
  6. Lexus.Arado wrote: Bu one of MY orignals I had were now owned by him. How does that happen? When copying something by shift-dragging, the original is moved while the copy stays in the original's original (sic!) position. That's how this might have occurred. I thought that I would have to like give him the object in order for him to be the creator. He's listed as creator, too? That'd be weired. If he's only listed as owner, see explanation above. Also, all the sudden with in the couple of days - I have not been able to return my bf's items even though I have the rights as usual. Dunno about that ...
  7. Anyone want to file a JIRA for this? Ok, I'll do it. Here you go: WEB-1302
  8. Eeek, that'd be neither WYSIWYG nor WYSIWYM . A preview button would also be great ...
  9. To preserve the object name make sure you click the seperated prim first then the main object. This also preserves the root prim, which might be relevant for some scripted objects.
  10. If you are worried about third party sites, getting the driver from your card manufacturer isn't too difficult, either. You mentioned you have a ATi card, so go to http://ati.comYou'll be redirected to an AMD page. Don't worry, AMD bought ATi some time ago, so this is alright. at the top right there's a "Download Drivers" boxchoose Component Category: Graphics Operating System: Windows Vista (You didn't mention if yours was 32 or 64bit.) Product line: Radeon according to AMD your card has an X300 core, so choose "Radeon X300 series" click view resultsthere might be several options. (Full Software Suite or Individual Downloads) Whatever you choose, make sure the "Display Driver" component is included, and you should be fine. Good luck!
  11. Concerning the default for the 'Everyone' role, there's already SVC-378. There are also some interesting issues linked as 'related'. I'm quite sure I've also seen issues filed about the double (or otherwise too high) charging of groups, but can't seem to locate them just now (or at least not any recent ones.)
  12. You might be referring to the following: (Can't find the relevant links right now, so this is just from my memory) Linden Lab has taken some login servers offline. A month or so before doing that, they took them out of the "pool" of servers that get login requests assigned from the load distribution system (that's how you usually access SL). So the only way to reach them, was to accessed them directly (e.g., by typing their IP address, or hard coding it in a bot software). During this period, Linden Lab recorded who accessed these servers, so they could email those Residents and tell them to use other servers instead (or to use the load distribution system, which knows what login servers are supposed to be still online and can assign you one of those). The accounts aren't kept on the login servers, but in a central database, so this shouldn't affect what accounts can log in and what can't.
  13. What do you mean by "loosing" an Avatar? Being locked out of an account? Appearance not loading? Missing Inventory?
  14. Tmac.Calcutt wrote: It says I need to download the latest version As long as the chosen old, unsupported Viewer is still compatible to the current server version (as is currently the case for 1.22) you can work around that by following http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Old_versions#Setting_the_channel_version Note that when your viewer is too old and you use a custom channel, you won't get warned about that, either. Things might silently fail or just not work at all. So when 1.22 still doesn't run well enough, it might be worth to try one of the open source forks which maintain viewers with the old (pre-windlight) rendering system (e.g. the "legacy renderer" variant of the Cool SL Viewer), while keeping them otherwise up to date, especially protocol-wise, so they stay compatible to the servers. Of course you should only run Viewers (or any computer application, for that matter) either compiled by someone you trust or compiled by yourself from sources which have been reviewed (by yourself or someone you trust).
  15. The minimum system requirements as well as recommendations can be found at http://secondlife.com/support/sysreqs.php
  16. Um ... to add to the general confusion ... wasn't the union set of "Age Verified", "Payment Info on File", "Payment Info Used" and "Payment Info on XStreetSL" (i.e. the set of everyone who has at least one of the listed properties) called "Account Verified" rather than "Adult Verified"?
  17. If you have a one button mouse, just use CMD-click whenever SL expects a right-click. See e.g. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Technical_issues_with_Mac_OS_X#One-button_Mouse
  18. Danziel.Lane wrote: Wer solche Angebote sehen will, miterleben will, kaufen will, der muss durch die Altersverifikation und einen Nachweis führen, dass man über 18 ist. Das stimmt nicht ganz. Das Kundenkonto (dein Avatar), muss lediglich als "verified account" gelten. Als "verified account" gelten alle Kundenkonten, die mindestens eine der folgenden Bedingungen erfüllen: Payment Info On File Payment Info Used Age verified (durch die oben genannte Altersüberprüfung) In die erste Kategorie kommt man, wenn man seine Zahlungsinformationen auf https://secondlife.com/account/billing.php eingibt, in die zweite, wenn man sie dann z.B. verwendet um Linden Dollars zu kaufen. Siehe dazu auch https://blogs.secondlife.com/thread/1186#4104 (auf Engl.)
  19. I was thinking more of an password forgotten scenario than of compromised accounts. I'm not yet sure whether it's a major flaw that the same information is used for simple password retrieval and to prove that one's the rightful owner of a potentially compromised account. The choice of questions is quite limited and most of them have answers easy to guess (or even know) for people knowing you in real life. So for some, the only save option might be to provide a bogus answer.
  20. I don't think this setting is accessable directly via LSL. Though, you could write a LSL script which gives commands to a bot who's able to change the setting.
  21. Boroondas.Gupte wrote: so I'll probably file a feature request about this. Done: WEB-1171
  22. Nanu? Lassen sich Antworten noch verändern, nachdem sie bewertet wurden? Macht das ganze etwas unsinning ... Zur Frage: Registrieren kann man sich auf https://join.secondlife.com/?lang=de-DEWenn du hier Fragen posten kannst, hast du das vermutlich schon gemacht Falls du die client-Software (den "Second Life Viewer") noch nicht heruntergeladen hast (Dowload sollte automatisch starten, wenn du deine email-Adresse per Link verifizierst), kannst du sie auf http://get.secondlife.com holen. Installieren, Programm starten, einloggen ... und es kann los gehen!Wenn du keine Community-Startposition landest du vermutlich auf einer Help Island.Das ist ein geschützter Bereich, in den man nicht mehr zurückkehren kann, wenn man ihn mal verlassen hat. So können sich neue Benutzer ungestört und in Ruhe mit Second Life und der Bedienung des Viewers vertraut machen. Wenn du dort einen "Second Life Mentor" findest: das sind erfahrene Benutzer, die dort sind, um den neuen zu helfen. Willst du die Help Island verlassen, um dir das restliche Second Life anzsehen, benötigst du eine "Landmark". Um eine zu erhalten, click auf eines der "Enter Second Life"-Schilder, akzeptiere die "Landmark" und verwende sie um zu teleportieren. Ich empfehle, am Anfang (sei es auf Help Island oder woanders) das eingebaute Tutorial anzusehen. Das Fenster sollte beim ersten Einloggen automatisch öffnen. Wenn du es geschlossen hast, kannst du es über Menü Hilfe > Tutorial jederzeit wieder holen.
  23. naofan.Teardrop wrote: You can acces to adult content if : 1) you are age verified. OR 2) you have paiement info used/on file with LindenLab or XstreetSL. https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2009/06/01/adult-content-changes-in-summary Seems to be correct. Also, any rumors that there's a third way to get veryfied, couldn't be confirmed, yet. ;-)
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