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  1. Versuch 'mal an einem anderen Ort einzuloggen. Einfach den Regions-Namen (z.B. "Brilliant") ins "Hier Anfangen"-Feld eingeben.
  2. Right-click yourself and choose "Edit My Shape" or "Edit My Outfit"
  3. Faubio.Alter wrote: When I created an alt a few weeks ago, it said, "case does matter" for the user name.When creating an account, case does matter insofar, as your legacy name (and thus default display name) will look exactly as you entered it on the sign up form. However, for login purposes, case of the username does not matter, nor should it.
  4. What's a Second Life trick that you wish you discovered earlier, because it seems totally obvious in hindsight? Well, not really obvious (I'm still not sure whether it's a peculiar bug or a feature, but looks like a feature that might be useful), but I was surprised I didn't know about it, when upon examination, it turned out that the behavior has been like this like ... forever: Double click the edge of a resizeable floater and see what happens. Confused? Well, I certainly was, too, and filed VWR-23452 Double click on resizeable floater's edge or corner resizes floater. I haven't yet got any confirmation that this is expected behavior, but if I get, I'll happily close the jira issue. Though I hope that in that case, it'd get documented somewhere.
  5. Which extension? I'll research. Extension:FlaggedRevs (See Special:Version > Installed extensions) I think you've used that quite heavily in the past, so I guessed you'd know it. Would be nice if all pages were either editable by everyone (logged in) or had an editable-by-everyone draft version. (Of course, there should also be some Lindens and/or linden-trusted volunteers checking the drafts and accepting/rejecting those changes on a regular basis.) but go beyond that and compile useful pages, that in turn inspire others to contribute. Like Limits. Which is very helpful, indeed. It gives some structure that others can add to. Btw., I remember that article to have used the Flagged Revisions, too, but it doesn't seem to anymore. Also, sometimes I'm full of irony. You're kidding, aren't you? A Second Life user full of irony? A Linden, even? And of all Lindens, you? Naaaahhhh, I don't fall for that. Neva! Like XKCD noted (about a different and NSFW topic): "The web is freaky, but it can't begin to have everything."
  6. Good thing, that help rampage! Connecting the dots ru13Z! Also, for the purposes of this post, I'm focusing on the (1) wiki and (2) forums, but I'd still like to hear about "help breakers" that are flat-out wrong or confusing on our official secondlife.com properties and in the Viewer. Links on the wiki is something that we (the residents) can fix ourselves most of the time. (We could always, if we were given the possibility to edit a draft version of all pages we aren't allowed to change directly. Why aren't we given that? The needed mediawiki extension is already installed and used on some sites.) So it'd be good if Lindens could have a look at links and instructions that the community cannot correct itself. Like in automatically sent emails, see e.g. this question about failed emails. You're all like "Double-you-tee-eff!!!!!" until I prefer the NATO alphabet expansion of that abbrevation. Okay too much words for now so a picture. But ... the picture is full of words, too.
  7. Suella Ember wrote: However, you cannot sell full permission items (such as builder's sculpts and textures etc) that you purchased under licence as full perms. As long as you do that and don't sell things that are full perms you should be fine As long as those full perm items didn't come with a license that forbids re-selling, this shouldn't be a problem. Note that this also applies if they weren't accompanied by a license at all. Then only the restrictions imposed by the SL permission system apply, i.e. for full-perm items no restrictions at all (for inworld use. You are not allowed to export items you didn't create yourself.) If the items did come with a license, read it carefully. I could for example imagine licenses that allow selling or transfer only if you keep no copies of your own, although the item is copyable.
  8. LittleMe.Jewell wrote: I have little sympathy for someone that is being charged over and over and doesn't realize it. I have sympathy for them: It's really less than obvious, especially for people new to SL, what implications joining a group might have. Also, the abilities of the roles you are member of can be changed without you ever being noticed. So unless you check all your group roles and their abilities before every Tuesday, the first time you'd notice would be when money has already been taken from your account. No big amounts, sure, but that is still a quite strange "user experience". Thus I've filed the feature request SVC-4604 (Make the group ability "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" strictly opt-in). Those who think this is important should give that issue a vote. If this is too radical for you, maybe you'd consider VWR-10467 worth supporting (possibility to opt-out of the pay liability and receive dividends ability without having to leave the group). Also, to avoid honest mistakes by group founders/owners/managers, the ability should probably default to off for the Everyone role in newly founded groups. If you agree, please vote for SVC-378.
  9. Pisa Fredriksson wrote: I have recently become a modelling student in SL, where it is necessary for me to move my avatar smoothly, forward, left, and right, using the arrow keys. I know near nothing about modeling (I guess you mean being a model, not shaping objects or coming up with scientific/technical models etc.) in SL, but I'd assume animations are used for that rather than manual navigation. My camera seems to easily jump about, and the arrow keys don't respond as quickly as I seem to need. How responsive your avatar is to pressing the arrow keys depends on your network latency and the performance of the simulator (server) of the current region. The camera adjusts its position automatically to avoid getting inside or right behind objects, which would block the view. You can use scripted camera placement to lock it to a fixed position relative to your avatar. However annoying the camera jumping might be to yourself, as long as you can still steer your avatar, it shouldn't matter for fashion shows (that's what models, do, don't they?) as others won't see anything of this jumping (except of course when you're also the one recording or broadcasting the show from your screen). Would checking "Disable Camera Constraints" help? Probably not with these issues. The camera movement (when 'caming around' e.g. with Alt-click-drag; dunno whether it also affect the auto-placement mentioned above) is constrained by default to avoid the camera entering objects, going underground or getting too far away from your avatar. When is that used, anyway? When these restrictions get into your way (e.g. you want to zoom aaaaaaalll out to get an overview picture of a whole region) or when you are (like me) annoyed by how strangely the camera bends when you hit the maximum distance to your avatar. Also, what is "mouse smoothing?" If I remember correctly, that only applies to mouse look mode. When in that mode, mouse movement will change the direction of your camera. However, mouse movement is often jittery and rough. Jittery and sudden change of view can be annoying and even cause headaches or seizures for some. This is avoided by smoothing the input signal before using it to steer the camera. However this induces a slight delay and can also interfere with quick precise movement, thus there is an option to turn the smoothing on and off. Finally, I can't get the Apple wireless mouse to right click, even by using two fingers on the right side, which is what the store tech told me to do. I don't have a Mac, but I've recently collected some information about secondary-clicking on them here.
  10. I think I have to agree with Ceera. While shutting AU down might make sense from a business management perspective, it doesn't seem to be the right thing to do, morally. I like Second Life, but I can understand well those who don't. AU enabled people from different VWs and games to connect, indiscriminately of their (non)connection to Second Life. Asking all its members to now join Second Life is somewhat impertinent.
  11. Technical measures First of all, as others have already mentioned, what can be seen can be copied. That's how digital media work. But you can make it more difficult, so that the not-so-determined ones won't do it. Learn the SL permission system. While the restrictions you impose through this system can be worked around, it still serves well as an easy way to communicate your intentions. It helps others to honor your intentions, because TPVp compliant viewers will not allow them to do anything that would go against it, so they won't do such things by accident. For that to work out, you have to know the implications of the different permissions and how they interact.Legal measures IANALTINLABBQETC If the copying has infringed on your copyrights (note that that's not always the case, copyright law knows some exceptions), you can sue whoever has done it and/or invoke the DMCA process. If the copying required working around SL's permission system, doing so was probably a breach of the ToS and can be reported to LL. However, all these steps are obviously only available after the fact and it's questionable if they are worth the trouble. That being said, reporting ToS or DMCA violations to LL is relatively easy, quick and painless, so probably worth a try (be sure not to make any false claims, though, or you can get yourself in legal trouble). Suing might be more difficult and can get expensive. Also, most courts probably won't even be willing to investigate cases that are only about some US$ worth of digital goods. Social measures These are probably the most effective, but they require you to understand why unallowed copying happens. It's probably save to assume that there are three groups of potential copiers: Those who do it for the sake of itThese wouldn't buy your products, even if they weren't able to copy them. Annoying but no real loss. Don't care about them, there are better ways to spend your time. If you can, try to be proud that they consider your stuff worth copying. Those who do it for profitThey sell your products without your permission or use them as free advertisement for other stuff If they are actually making profit, the legal measure above might have some more grip, because you could more believably argue that those gains are (at) your loss. Make sure your products are more easily available from you (or from legal re-sellers, if any) than from the scammers. If the scammers can't offer a better shopping experience than you do, why would anyone want to buy from them? Potential customersThey decided not to buy from you, but to go with an unauthorized copy instead. If they learned how to do the copies themselves and if they experience the reasons not to buy often enough, they might over time turn into one of the first group (the for-the-sake-of-it copiers). If they aren't technically skilled and determined enough to copy themselves, they might turn into customers of the second group (the for-profit one) I think the third group is the important one. Key is to give them as few reasons to go for illicit copies and as possible, and instead give them good reasons to buy from you. How can this work? Don't have any customer regret a purchase Reasonable pricingIf your products aren't worth the money you demand for them, but people still want them anyway (some people are like this), some will consider ripp-offs as an alternative Reasonable permissionsIf customers think they should be able to do something with something they bought and paid money for, but can't, they will feel betrayed and won't think they're doing anything wrong when working around those restrictions. Make sure the customer is aware of restrictions before buying. Apply to honourMake your customers proud of supporting you with their purchases. It should be obvious to them that paying for your products is a good way to show appreciation for your work as artist and honest merchant. Of course, this can only work, if your products are reasonably affordable. (Which doesn't mean that you have to sell everything cheap. Quality may cost.) Make clear that illicit copying is unright and hurting you. Be careful and gentle at doing so, though: If you are perceived as whiny, avaricious or threatening, it might even be counter-productive and you'd risk not to be taken seriously. Make your customers love youIf buying from you is buying from a friend, you don't have a lot to fear. Helping friends is popular in SL. Trust your customers (not beyond what's reasonable, of course) and they will trust you. An interesting method to drive copiers out of business might be to employ business models where they have a hard time to compete (because they require artistic talent, and/or access to intermediate data that you don't distribute, e.g. the high-resolution multi-layer photoshop/GIMP file that you created a texture from): Offer base products cheap or even for free and make the real money on customizations that cater to individual customers' whishesDepending on how much work it takes to fulfil a customer wish, the commission can be rather expensive, as long as the customer knows what price to expect. Offer you products at normal to high prices, but include a customization in the purchased package.In this scenario you'd probably want to limit how elaborate the included customization may be. If someone else is more successful at customizing your products than you are yourself, you must ask yourself whether you are in the right business. If you are sure you are, you should probably consider to partner up with them to be able to satisfy your common customers even better. Except of course if your business is to provide base products that are meant to be customized by anyone. (If so, be sure to set the permissions so that it is possible.) I should probably mention that I myself don't have any inworld business, so I haven't tried any of the above. Use at your own risk and good luck with your endeavors!
  12. This is in line with our desire to be ever more open about what we are working on. Can the project viewer's source code be published before or with the beta going public, please? Bonus points if you keep the published repository up-to-date to further development afterwards. Thanks!
  13. Netsya Gandt wrote: I'm not sure which file/script those options are in. It's the file called secondlife (the one you probably use to start the Viewer), in the top Level of the directory created when unpacking the tar.gz-package.
  14. RumbleR Boa wrote: This is something what should be written in Tips&Tricks at the top together with your name! Dunno. If only some people want to disable display of their L$ amount on their screen, just direct them to this thread. If many people want it (I doubt that, but who knows?) it might be better to provide a proper option for that (e.g. in Snowglobe). Maybe a true presentation mode (or a someone-might-be-looking-over-my-shoulder mode) that suppresses other sensitive displays, too? Thank you for the answer! You're welcome. This was fun one to tackle, learned a lot myself. :-)
  15. I found another solution, which should work for 1.23.x, too. In 1.23.5, the XML element to find is: <text type="string" length="1" bg_visible="false" border_drop_shadow_visible="false" border_visible="false" bottom="-20" disabled_color="BalanceTextColor" drop_shadow_visible="true" enabled="true" follows="right|bottom" font="SansSerifSmall" h_pad="0" halign="right" height="18" left="-210" mouse_opaque="true" name="BalanceText" text_color="BalanceTextColor" tool_tip="Account Balance" v_pad="2" width="76"> Loading... </text> Add visible="false" before the first >, like so: <text type="string" length="1" bg_visible="false" border_drop_shadow_visible="false" border_visible="false" bottom="-20" disabled_color="BalanceTextColor" drop_shadow_visible="true" enabled="true" follows="right|bottom" font="SansSerifSmall" h_pad="0" halign="right" height="18" left="-210" mouse_opaque="true" name="BalanceText" text_color="BalanceTextColor" tool_tip="Account Balance" v_pad="2" width="76" visible="false"> Loading... </text> Edited to add: 1.23.x has two skins (and also several languages), but you only need to do this in skins/default/xui/en-us/panel_status_bar.xml. All skins and languages that don't explicitly override the attribute with visible="true" will inherit from the English default skin.
  16. RumbleR Boa wrote: So, is there some way how to do it? To hide money so that it cant be seen at all, or at least to have stars ******* instead of numbers... You bet. It's a hack, though, not an officially supported option. Also, Viewer 2 (and derivatives thereof) only. In the directory where you installed Second Life, find the skins subfolder. If you don't want to re-install the viewer later to display the amount again, backup the skins folder (or just the file(s) you'll modify in the next steps). For each user interface language for which you'd like to hide the amount, edit skins/default/xui/<language>/panel_status_bar.xml, (e.g. skins/default/xui/en/panel_status_bar.xml for english) as follows:Find <panel.string name="buycurrencylabel"> L$ </panel.string> (lines 40-43 for the English file) Replace "L$ " by whatever you'd like to have displayed instead. (Can be empty for not displaying anything.) Save the file.
  17. Paolo Gears wrote: We are obliged to use Viewer 2? No, we aren't. The official Second Life Viewer 1.23.5 is still supported and can be downloaded from the official download page. Once that isn't the case anymore, you might want to consider using Snowlgobe 1.x or one of the 1.x-based third party viewers, if the Viewer 2 series hasn't improved enough for you until then.
  18. DR Dahlgren wrote: my apologies to Boroondas Gupte for doubting his answer. A clear case of condemnation before investigation and I stand corrected.Heh, no problem. I was just suggesting that it might be this issue, but seeing how many issues there are in SL it could easily have been another (maybe even a new, yet unknown) one. Also, with sculptie "bounding boxes" extending wide over the actually visible structure, this is not really obvious to diagnose, even when being aware of the potential cause. Good observation about the map. Didn't think about that, yet.
  19. DR Dahlgren wrote: This only seems to happen on private regionsIs it really limited to private regions, or does it just happen, when the prim to be sat on is located within another (maybe phantom, maybe invisible) prim or within a sculptie-prim's bounding box? Note that this case might occur more frequently on private regions due to megaprim usage. See also and maybe vote for http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-3811' rel="nofollow" target=_blank>SVC-3811.
  20. From the look of it, I'm almost sure that what can be seen on your screenshot is a (viewer 1.x-style) hover tip. Have you tried with Snowglobe or with the official client? Maybe Emerald has a bug so that some objects' tips are displayed regardless of the settings ...
  21. Läuft auf deinem Computer eine Personal Firewall (in vielen Security-Paketen enthalten)? Das scheint bei zu führen, siehe VWR-17087.
  22. Kitty.Barnett wrote: Calling cards can be renamed since they're M/C/NT. Hmm ... looks like they can be renamed in 1.x-based viewers, but not in Viewer 2. Interesting. As an aside, if someone *really* wanted to then they could "fake rename" system folders in 2.0 by tricking the UI translation (ie "Clothing" would still be named "Cothing" but it could appear as "Things to Wear" for instance). Hmm ... I wonder wether visibility of default folders can be set via XUI, too. Might be a cheap fix for VWR-17195.
  23. As Nyll said, 'Rename' can be found in an inventory item's context menu. However the following cannot be renamed: System Folders (The ones in italics are Viewer 2 specific, but persist when you switch back to 1.x Viewers.)the top level My Inventory folder within My Inventory: Animations, Body Parts, Calling Cards, Clothing, Current Outfit, Favorites, Gestures, Landmarks, Lost And Found, My Outfits, Notecards, Objects, Photo Album, Scripts, Sounds, Textures, Trash within My Inventory > Calling Cards: Friends and Friends > All Everything in the Inventory Library (though you can rename copies of Library stuff in 'My Inventory', as such copies will be full-perm) Items in Trash (restore them to rename them at their original location in inventory) No-modify items Calling Cards Links to other items (as they appear in the Viewer 2 outfits) (I might have missed some, but this should about be it.)
  24. Nuesha.India wrote: I have no and I mean NO idea where to find a fax machine. Some post offices might have a FAX machine that can be used by the public for a fee.
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