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  1. You can view all transactions from and to your account at https://secondlife.com/my/account/transactions.php Most probably you are member of a group that was charged for something. See e.g. What is a group liability and Group Liability Charge? There is also a Video Tutorial by Torley: What is a group liability? Unfortunately, by default all members of a group will be charged for expenses of the group like search listing fees for group owned land. The owner has to explicitly remove the "ability" to be charged (and to receive income of the group, e.g. if the group sells land) from the "everyone" role (and any other roles that should not be charged) to limit the deduction to certain group members (e.g. the ones in the "owner" role). Some group owners forget to do this, some aren't even aware they should do it and even others might leave the setting in to fraud their fellow group members. It's also possible a group owner decided everyone should pay for the groups' expenses, but didn't communicate it properly to the other group members, without any ill intend. See also these feature requests: SVC-378 Role 'Everyone' in new groups should not have ability "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" VWR-10467 Group members having the ability to 'opt out' of group liability SVC-4604 Make the group ability "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" strictly opt-in Off course, it's also possible that you yourself own land that has setting that cause fees being charged.
  2. You can hide groups, but that will only mean they won't be listed in your profile and (I think) that non-group-members won't see you in these groups' membership lists. Other members of these groups will still be able to see that you're a member and will be able to see whether you're online or not.
  3. Wenn du etwas bezahlen willst und das nicht klappt bist du gegenüber Hilfesuchenden mit anderen Problemen klar im Vorteil: Welcher Dienstleister will schon auf mögliche Einnahmen verzichten? :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Auf https://support.secondlife.com/billing-support/ findest du Linden Lab's Gratis-Telefonnummern für verschiedene Länder, unter anderem Deutschland. (Kann aber sein, dass der Supporter am anderen Ende kein Deutsch kann, und du das Gespräch auf Englisch führen musst.)
  4. Den Stalker/die Stalkerin bei der Polizei anzeigen kannst du natürlich, aber ich würde nicht davon ausgehen, dass diese aufgrund dessen Ermittlungen aufnimmt, geschweige denn die Person "aus dem Verkehr zieht". Versuchen kannst du es natürlich trotzdem. Einige möglicherweise vorliegenden Straftatbestände sind auf WP: Stalking > Mögliche Stalking-Handlungen und WP: Cyber-Mobbing > Rechtslage aufgelistet. Deiner Beschreibung nach würde ich auf "Bedrohung", "Üble Nachrede" und eventuell "Verleumdung" tippen. Ansonsten würde ich, wie schon andere hier, vorschlagen alle Benutzerkonten der fraglichen Person stummzuschalten (Mute) und deinen Freunden und Bekannten die Situation zu erläutern und zu empfehlen dasselbe zu tun. Sollte es der Person gelingen, dich trotzdem weiter zu belästigen, kann es sinnvoll sein, sich an eine Opferberatungsstelle zu wenden. Inzwischen dürften viele von diesen auch mit den online-Varianten solcher Probleme vertraut sein und können dir vermutlich Ratschläge für das weitere Vorgehen geben. Abuse Reports werden statistisch bewertet, daher kann es helfen wenn alle, die von einem Vorfall betroffen waren (sei es als Opfer oder Zeugen), (je) einen Report schreiben, und zwar für jeden neuen Vorfall erneut. Als Täter sollte der Account eingetragen werden, mit dem der Verstoss tatsächlich begangen wurde. Vermutete Alt-Accounts können in der Beschreibung erwähnt werden. Zum Schluss noch der obligatorische(?) Hinweis darauf, dass ich weder Anwalt bin, noch diese Antwort eine Rechtsberatung darstellen soll.
  5. Bist du sicher, dass es an den Texturen liegt? Bei mir wird zur Zeit die ganze SL-Welt einschliesslich Himmel (aber nicht die GUI-Elemente, Hovertext, Nametags) schwarz wenn ich in den Grafik-Einstellungen des SL Viewers "Lighting and Shadows" (dt. "Licht und Schatten") einschalte. Falls der Himmel bei dir auch schwarz ist, könnte es sich um dasselbe oder ein ähnliches Problem handeln und hat mit Texturen vermutlich nicht viel zu tun. Versuch 'mal ob andere Grafik-Einstellungen helfen.
  6. Profiles should be displayed in the web browser that's built into the Viewer, not your external web browser, even if you have set Second Life to open web pages in an external browser. For the built-in browser, you should be able to enable cookies in the Viewer preferences: Open Preferences (e.g. by pressing Ctrl-P) Click the Setup tab Under "Web:", check Accept cookies
  7. Sounds like SH-1918, a known bug. A test build where the issue has presumably be fixed is linked in Dan Linden's comment there. If you prefer to stick to the currently released version until a new, hopefully fixed one is released, you might try to turn off atmospheric and maybe also basic shaders in the graphic preferences to get the highlight transparent feature to work again. Off course, without graphic shaders, SL won't look quite as pretty.
  8. Is it possible to change the Second Life Viewer user interface language without changing into "Advanced Mode" and back? If so, then how?
  9. Ze Marabana wrote: bin/do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory There's a bug in recent linux versions of Second Life: the libSDL-1.2.so file is in the package, but under a different name than the Second Life Viewer searches for. You can get it to run as follows: cd /home/xxx/tmp/SecondLife-i686- -s libSDL-1.2.so.0.* libSDL-1.2.so.0 This will create a symlink, so the actual file is found when the viewer looks for the other filename. (Another option would be to just rename the file.)
  10. Meh, I think I wanted to link to the https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Online_Safety_Guidelines rather than the privacy policy.
  11. I think your graphics card is better than what the system requirements demand, so that should be fine. Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed? Though, if the error message mentions VFS, the graphic card (and its drivers) might be completely unrelated to the problem. Can you give us the exact wording of the error message?
  12. Can you rephrase your question? To me, it's not really clear what you are trying to ask.
  13. If I understood Ava right he or she doesn't even get to the login screen.
  14. I'll have to agree with the other answers here: Do not give out your Second Life account password. Here are the relevant parts from the Second Life Terms of Service: From section 3.1 "You must establish an account to use Second Life, using true and accurate registration information.": [...] You may not transfer or assign your Account and its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party without the prior written consent of Linden Lab. [...] From section 3.2 "You agree to use an Account Name in Second Life that is not misleading, offensive or infringing. You are responsible for activities related to your Account Name, and for keeping your password for this Account secure.": [...] You are responsible for all activities conducted through your Account. In the event that fraud, illegality or other conduct that violates this Agreement is discovered or reported (whether by you or someone else) that is connected with your Account, we may suspend or terminate your Account (or Accounts) as described in Section 11. At the time your Account is opened, you must select a password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and are responsible for any harm resulting from your disclosure, or authorization of the disclosure of your password or from any person's use of your password to gain access to your Account or Account Name. At no time should you respond to an online request for a password other than in connection with the log-on process to the Service. Your disclosure of your password to any other person is at your own risk. From section 13.2 "You may not assign your Account; we may assign this Agreement.": You may not assign this Agreement or your Account without the prior written consent of Linden Lab. You may not transfer or sublicense any licenses granted by Linden Lab in this Agreement without the prior written consent of Linden Lab, [...] In short: You should not give your password to anyone. If you do so anyway, you'll still be responsible for all actions performed through your account, even if you did not perform these actions yourself. If you don't want to let someone see your transaction history, you probably also don't want to trust them with doing actions through your account, in your name, that you will be held accountable for. Note that some actions that can be performed with access to your account will have real-world financial consequences, such as buying virtual goods, virtual land or upgrading the account to a premium Second Life membership. Please also review the Linden Lab Privacy Policy, especially Protect that password!. IANALTINLAETC
  15. Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: No, valerie. That message was automated and there instantly. It was there before I could accept anything.. Never received a menu to either 'Keep' , 'Discard' or 'Mute' which is usual. That's my whole point. Were you in busy mode at the time? That causes the viewer to automatically decline inventory offers, IIRC.
  16. Die obige Antwort ist für den "username" (Benutzername) nach wie vor korrekt. Allerdings hat sich die Lage durch die Einführung separater "display names" (Anzeige-Name) deutlich geändert. Siehe http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Display-names/ta-p/700173#Posts_and_threads (gibt's das auch auf Deutsch?)
  17. (like uh ... This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country. Sorry about that. :-\
  18. While it's been awhile since Linden Lab declared official partnering with 3Dconnexion (makers of SpaceNavigator), the setup still works the same way in the latest Viewer (2.4 as of this writing) Actually, with a somewhat recent Linux kernel, it doesn't, unless you build the viewer yourself. See STORM-312 & VWR-19643. This has been fixed for some time in the linux NDOFdev library, but LL still links its Viewer with the old, incompatible version, it seems.
  19. Samm.Florian said The Viewer2 Camera Controls encouraged me to learn how to control the camera via keyboard; Jackal Marksman said Are we talking same thing? You mention wishing to have a hud for it, I use the camera control box because I use the mouse alot in sl, except for walking and talking lol. I also use ALT + Mouse to zoom in on items. There's also + ArrowKeys and + PageUp/PageDown which allow similar camera movements as some of the controls on the panel. The only time I use the Camera window now is to get a "Front View", and if I could only figure out how to get that functionality in a HUD, I could banish the menu from my bottom bar entirely. since there's only two buttons I ever use in the Camera Window, I'd rather boil them down to a tiny little toggle button somewhere in an attached HUD, . But I haven't figured out how to script the camera so that it always stays in front of me and facing back at me, even when I move. This should be possible. Try Torley's FollowCam HUD. It should be modifiable, so you can see how it works and adapt it (or copy parts) for your own needs. In case it isn't, an earlier version by Dan Linden can be found on the wiki. There you'll also find links to the documentation of the used script functions, so you can read what exactly they'll do. Hmm, I wonder if the Camera window can be skinned? I wouldn't know why not, but I haven't tried. To make it smaller, you'd probably have to provide your own image files for the two round control-thingies (except you want to remove them completely).
  20. it just feels like I am using my left hand and feel like a noob as to where everything is Don't worry, that mainly because you're not used to it, yet. That feeling will go away after longer usage. Well, mostly. ...why make such drastic changes? Drastic changes aren't necessarily bad. It's not like the 1.x series of viewer didn't have any flaws. The question should be: Why make all this drastic changes at once and behind closed doors without continuous user feedback? While the reasons for that decision are still a mystery, the Lab seems to have learned its lesson and changed to a more open development process. It also seems more cluttered in viewing area. It is. The radar thing on other viewers is cool, but not real important to me, i prefer less lag and from what i understand radar is worst kind of lag. Other than (LSL-)scripted radars which put load on the simulator by constant polling, a client side radar shouldn't cause much lag, as it merely displays data the Viewer already has: The region sends it anyway, for the minimap etc. If you incorporate a radar into Viewer 2, maybe something that gives users the option to increase/decrease the range like Imprudence. The Imprudence viewer gives you the option to reduce the range at least.For the reason above, I don't think the purpose of the range limit is to reduce lag, but rather to let you control what you want to see on the radar, just so the list doesn't get unnecessarily cluttered.
  21. On Windows, double-click your existing Second Life Beta Viewer shortcut (it's probably on your desktop). On Mac, right-click the app package and select Duplicate, then double-click the copied app. (I don't know what the Linux process is, please deplete my ignorance.) On linux, just do again whatever you did to start the first viewer instance: If you ran the ./secondlife wrapper-script from a terminal, get another terminal and run it there, too. If you double-clicked the script in your file manager, just double-click it once more. If you clicked a launcher on the GNOME panel, double-clicked one on your desktop or started SL from your Application- or K-menu ... just repeat that.
  22. I want radar (with all its features) Maybe STORM-642 will bring that. and doubleclick teleports In 2.4 preferences, try tab Move & View, checkbox Double-Click to: (enable that), radio button Teleport
  23. There are two modes of the IM user interface. To change between them, Open Preferences (Ctrl-p) Go to tab Chat Choose the wanted behavior under Show IMs in: Restart the Viewer Docking/Undocking separate IM windows In this mode, IM windows are attached to the session icons (displaying miniatures of group insignia or profile pictures) in the lower right corner. Click the icons to switch visibility of the corresponding session windows. At most one docked session will show at any given time, but several undocked ones can be visible at the same time. To undock click and hold the IM session window's title bar drag it, thus tearing it off the bottom bar icon To redock Click the Dock button in the IM session window's title bar. It looks like a downwards arrow pointing to a rectangle: Docking/Undocking IM tabs In this mode, docked sessions are a tab in the communicate floater, while undocked ones are again freely floating in their own windows. To undock Click the tab's Tear Off button (just below the communicate window's title bar) It looks like several layered squares with a diagonal arrow: To redock Click the freely floating window's Tear Off (sic!) button (in its title bar)
  24. Ah, yay for discoverability issues. Not. Here's one way to do it now: Open the Inventory (Ctrl-i for sidebar tab or Ctrl-Shift-i for free floater) At the lower edge of the Inventory, locate and click the "Add new item" menu that is indicated by a plus ("+") icon. Choose the appropriate item type from the New Body Parts or New Clothes submenus. It's also possible from the "Appearance" sidebar tab: Right-click yourself and choose Edit My Outfit from the context menu At the lower edge of the panel, click the gear menu Choose the appropriate item type from the New Body Parts or New Clothes submenus. This method has the advantage, that the newly created wearable will instantly be worn and the panel for editing it is opened. If you create the items from the inventory panel instead, you'll have to wear and edit them manually, first. And now for the very confusing and unintuitive method I found first when looking how to do it from "Appearance" instead of "Inventory": Right-click yourself and choose Edit My Outfit from the context menu click the Add More... buttonSo far, so intuitive ... but now ... Right-click an existing item of the wanted wearable type (use the filter next to the Add More... button if you want) Choose Create new <wearable> from the context menu RRRRRiiiiiight! err ... if you're looking for something, to as Torley says and right-click everything in sight, I mean.
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