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  1. Anyone know if need be premium user for access to adult areas?

    naofan.Teardrop wrote: You can acces to adult content if : 1) you are age verified. OR 2) you have paiement info used/on file with LindenLab or XstreetSL. Seems to be correct. Also, any rumors that there's a third way to get veryfied, couldn't be confirmed, yet. ;-)
  2. How to change security question/answer pair

    MadamG.Zagato wrote: There doesn't appear to be any way of changing it from the account pages. Only your password, email address, and billing information can be changed. Because nobody else answered and because I can't find any way to do it, either (that's why I asked), I'll just assume this is correct. MadamG.Zagato wrote: I don't remember ever having created a security question lol . It's still on the form: If you weren't asked to set one, I guess you've subscribed via a third party using LL's RegAPI, like e.g. This is another reason why it'd be good to be able to (re)set the question and answer later, so I'll probably file a feature request about this.
  3. How to change security question/answer pair

    Boroondas.Gupte wrote: For the case I should forget my password, can I set a new security question Ooops, this is probably unclear. I mean, "Can I set a new security question now, to be prepared for the case that I might forget my password later?". (Being able to (re)set the security question without loggin in of course wouldn't make a lot of sense, security wise)
  4. How do I add an image to my blog profile?

    How do I add an image to my profile on When I click 'Edit Profile', there doesn't seem to be a corresponding option.
  5. How do I add an image to my blog profile?

    Just found, so this seems to be correct. :-)
  6. Wie kann ich meinen Namen in Second Life ändern?

    Man sollte vielleicht noch erwähnen, daß es erlaubt ist, mehrere Second-Life-Accounts zu haben. (Es gab 'mal eine Einschränkung von 5 pro Haushalt, aber ich weiß nicht, ob die noch gilt.) Du kannst also einfach einen neuen Account mit dem gewünschten Namen erstellen. (Das funktioniert natürlich nur, wenn der gewünschte Name auch verfügbar ist.) Deine L$-Guthaben kannst du problemlos auf den neuen Account übertragen, ebenso weitergebbare ("transferable") Dinge in deinem Inventar. Alles, was "non-transferable" ist, kannst du leider nur über deinen bisherigen Account nutzen (oder musst es für deinen neuen Account nochmals kaufen). Freundschaften und Gruppen-Mitgliedschaften musst du, wenn du auf dem neuen Account diesselben haben willst, einzeln neu beantragen. Auch Account-Eigenschaften wie "Payment Info on File" (Zahlungsinformationen vorhanden) oder "Age verified" (Volljährigkeit überprüft) müssen, falls gewünscht, neu erworben werden. Edit: Falls du Englisch lesen kannst, diesselbe Frage wurde schon hier beantwortet:
  7. How big is Second Life?

    How many places are there? What would you count as one 'place'? A region? A parcel? To get an overview over the land masses of Second Life, just see yourself (I wouldn't try to count them this way, though): View the map:If inworld, click the 'Map' button at the lower end of the screen or press ctrl-m alternatively, surf to Zoom all the way out:using your scroll wheel or the sliders or / buttons