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  1. I've been having the same issues for a few days now. Marketplace was working fine a week or two ago for me, but now I just get the "Redirected too many times" error no matter what I do. Edit: I should clarify. I can get to the marketplace fine and see products without issue. But the minute I try to buy something, I get the redirect error. Edit: I figured out how to resolve it after reading some other messages here on the forums. I simply logged out of the web site and then went to the main Second Life web page and logged back in and it works again. Weird.
  2. That explains why things looked so thinned out Thanks for mentioning the Shop and Hop -- I forgot about that!
  3. Thanks for the reply... Lesson learned. Shame that all the official communication incorrectly stated through the 8th. Sad that I didn't get to see/do everything, but at least I got to see some. Thanks again. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2506-announcing-“sl16b”-second-life’s-sweet-sixteen/
  4. Has SLB16 closed a day early? The event dates said that it was through today (the 8th) and I was there earlier today but cannot get to any of the sims anymore. I'm a bit bummed because I got a late start going this year and was trying to cram seeing everything
  5. So bummed. I missed a week due to real life commitments :(
  6. Just thought I'd mention that finally, after 6 months of waiting and no reply, my JIRA for this issue was suddenly resolved by the commerce team the other day. It appears that they are indeed continuing to address the issue (extremely) slowly but surely, so don't give up hope if you're still waiting
  7. Czari Zenovka wrote: Make sure your Magic Box listings are GONE from that page (you may have to scroll to the bottom). If you still have Magic Boxes listed on that page, even though they are not in world, the MP server is trying to contact them, obviously with no results. Delete any Magic Box notations on that page, then go back to your "Manage Listings" page on the MP and click "Synch Marketplace With Magic Boxes" at the top right and refresh the page. Thanks Czari - yes, I did that and that step actually caused my problem. All of the migration I did before removing my magic box worked fine. It was only after I removed it did it break the remainder of my listings. Everything is associated, I just can't edit or activate these last few items. Already put in a support request and a bug in Jira and have been waiting for almost three weeks now with no response Thanks anyway. Appreciate the response.
  8. Has anyone received replies to their JIRAs on this bug? And if so, can you provide some advice to what you specified in yours? I've had one sitting unassigned for about two weeks now with nothing moving. Thanks much!
  9. Are these instructions out of date? The "Listing" issue option doesn't exist in the dropdown when contact support. As well, I've followed these steps and it's been over two weeks now that my magic box items have been stuck in marketplace limbo with no response to my Jira report. Contact support just yields a "we can't help you, file a Jira" response.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with getting Marketplace issues resolved? It's been just about two weeks since I submitted my original bugs and my items are still stuck in Marketplace limbo in an uneditable state. I can't get anyone to respond on the status and support tells me to inquire on my Jira bug. However, that bug remains "unassigned" and comments there haven't been helpful either. So much for their original claim that these issues get fixed twice a week
  11. I have a nVidia card. For what it's worth, since my post I discovered two things that might be related as playing around with these two specific settings has curred my issue. WARNING: this is "use at your own risk" territory HTTP Textures -- For whatever reason, I've been having problems off and on with HTTP Textures. Toggling or turning this setting off and on sometimes resolves the issue and almost always makes them load faster (which is odd given that HTTP Textures was supposed to make things faster). TextureMemory Debug Setting -- While playing around with some Debug Settings, I discovered that my TextureMemory setting was set extremely low. Not sure how it got set that way but when I set it to "0" to auto-detect, it instantly jumped itself up to 512 MB. Since changing it, I've not had the issue at all. ... however ... when I have my draw distance up particularly high and I'm up in the air for periods of time, I occassionally see the "# Textures dropped due to insufficient memory" text on my screen and experience crashes afterward every now and again Not sure if they are related, but I don't recall ever seeing that message before. I also played with the "TextureDiscardLevel" debug setting, but couldn't tell if it had any impact.
  12. Yes, Darrius' guide is great! Unless I missed it though, it doesn't talk about when to remove your magic box or warn of this issue. In any case, the Linden Labs guide implies removing your magic box just prior to associating your items. If you haven't started migrating yet, I highly suggest that you do not remove the magic box or unsynchronize it until after you have successfully completed migration and association of all of your items. Still waiting for my items to be fixed Update: Over a week after asking for help from the support and marketplace teams and nothing yet
  13. I am having a similar issue. I migrated most of my items just fine. But about halfway through I decided to remove my magicbox to get rid of the unassociated items per the migration guide. This unfortunately made it impossible to migrate my remaining items in a fashion similar to what you describe. I can't edit anything other than the item's category, can't activate, can't re-associate, etc. Last week I contacted support and was told this: "This is a known issue affecting some merchants who waited until after the Magic Boxes were disabled before migrating their products. The Dev Team is working to address and resolve the issue. A report is run a couple of times a week to fix the currently affected listings. It will be necessary to wait until the next report is run and the current block of listings is fixed before you will be able to activate those product listings. If you wish to receive an update from the Dev Team regarding the issue, please create a Second Life Marketplace Bug Report." A couple of days afterward, I filed a Marketplace Bug report as suggested. The bug remains "unassigned" and I haven't heard anything otherwise and my items remain uneditable and unlistable.
  14. I realize this is an old thread, but didn't find anything newer so apologies. I'm having this issue as well but in my case though, it's Windows 7 and the latest viewer. It has been doing it for a number of versions for me actually. After upgrading to the latest, it's almost unbearable unless you stare at the ground
  15. Any chance you could pretty please share a link to the script or the script itself for those of us interested? :heart:
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