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  1. There appears to be a small bug with the favourite stores. Any store I have in https://marketplace.secondlife.com/favorite_stores says "Sold by Antony Fairport" under the store name.
  2. (For the benefit of anyone else following this thread -- I've sent details to Whirly in an offline IM) I just set about recreating the problem so that I could grab logs and document with a view to filing a JIRA as requested and... right at this moment I can't recreate the problem. My machine has been up and running non-stop since I applied KB3024777 on Friday (the patch that undoes KB3004394) and after that restart the problem happened pretty quickly. I've not restarted since then and I've being running with -noprobe all the time since so I can actually get in-world. Right now the SL viewer and Firestorm are working just fine and passing hardware detection despite that earlier failure. So whatever the issue is, if it still exists, it would seem that it comes and goes rather than comes and stays. I'll carry on running up without -noprobe during normal work and see what happens.
  3. I'm experencing the same issue, and I've seen a couple of other people mention it in other places. It seems to be related to this week's Windows updates (Windows 7 64bit here, that seems to be a common thread as well). I've found that any viewer will run up just fine after the machine has been freshly restarted but, after some time, the freeze while detecting hardware happens. While it's no fix, a workaround for now seems to be launching the viewer with -noprobe on the command line. I'm running fine with that for now (although I get the same hang when going to Help>>About, presumably because it probes for the details of the graphics card).
  4. Darien Caldwell wrote: When you set up a recurring event in Google calendar, there is no way to easily remove it for just one week. I've never had a problem doing that. You go to delete the instance of the event, you get asked if you want to delete that instance, that and all future instances or every single instance. Select "Only this instance" and you're all done.
  5. I'll mention it here first as I think this is more of an observation than a bug -- I'd need to play a little more to be sure. But today I noticed that a couple of large scripts would not open for editing, either from an object's inventory or from my own inventory. Small scripts (a few dozen lines) would open just fine. A couple of scripts (touch over 1,000 lines, including comments, around 40k of text if saved to a local drive) just wouldn't load. I'd either get the edit window sitting there showing "Loading..." and nothign else happening, or, once or twice, I'd get "Second Life: Unable to load the script. Please try again.". I first tried relogging, but that made no difference. I then left it a while and tried later. Same result. I then tried a region restart and that still made no difference. The region in question is LeTigre. I then TPd to a main channel server and all scripts, either from object inventory or main inventory, loaded fine and in a timely fashion. I've since tried a couple of other regions and I get the same result: scripts large and small load into the viewer's editor just fine on main channel but on LeTigre large scripts never load. I've not been in a position to try this on other channels yet. Has anyone else seen or experienced this?
  6. Oskar Linden wrote: The regions on LeTigre are getting a simstate rollback to their state before the deploy this morning. It's a lenghty process but we are doing it now. Your region will be back like it was soon. __Oskar As I'm reading this, I'm getting the impression that we should see three restarts in total: The restart that borked the region. The restart that changes the region code (missing prims still missing) A restart to restore the prims, etc. Is that correct? I ask because I've had 2 restarts so far and didn't see the region restored (not knowing all of this, having only read the status at the time) so contacted live support who told me that the second restart should have solved everything. They then said I should file a "Objects (Rezzed)" issue (which I did). Have they (understandably, given how fast this is evolving) given me incorrect information?
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