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  1. There is a way to control your personal data in Facebook, and that is to use a fictitious name. That way, you connect only to the people you really want to connect with, and not to random, barely remembered people from your past. No one needs to remember that "Dale Evans McGillicuddy" is your alias if you're in their friend list... especially if you put a real picture of yourself. Above all, your personal data is perfectly safe, and you have all the facebooky connectedness with the people you really care about. I realize I am commenting very late on this... but if you read Facebook's Statement of Rights and responsibilities here: http://www.facebook.com/terms.php?ref=pf although you can select a username for your account, you agree "You will not provide any false personal information" and "You will not create more than one personal profile". Keep this in mind. In order to comply with their terms, personal data is not necessarily perfectly safe from mining since you must provide real data in the first place, or risk termination of your account if it is discovered you have violated the spirit of the agreement between you and Facebook. This is the fallout of social networking "transparency" on the web.
  2. When are we going to get mega prim creation ability returned to us? It was promised 2 years ago after it was shut off. You want to increase performance quit forcing us to use max 10x10 prims. Might revitalize a few things as well. Mega prims use the same number of polygons but can be up to 256mx256x256m that would reduce a lot of load on the servers being able to rez a single 100m prim than 100 10x10m prims for the same coverage. At least one other grid I know of right now allows 128 x 128 x 128.... and .001 x .001 x .001, according to their FAQ page. Topics like these are going to mean LL will eventually have competition, if the other grids work out the problems they have.
  3. I know of at least one other who was falsely accused also, possibly two. Yes... false accusations of age play violations are becoming a problem, and paranoia is currently beginning to affect commerce in clubs from what I hear. I wonder what will happen with the merger of the teen grid. Initially I simply could not access my account. When I called customer service I was told I was my account was “on hold" and to file a support ticket. I created a support ticket and got no response from Linden Lab beyond initial acknowledgement. Since I could not login at all, not even to dashboard, I could not tell the status of my ticket. Someone with concierge support asked Spike Linden if they could look at my ticket to confirm that it was in existence and that there was some reason I was “on hold” other than technical. He could only give basic information since that person was not the account holder but she relayed the following information to me: Yes, there was a reason. It was not technical. Spike was not able to respond or help with the problem and it was “for specific people to deal with”. As most people now know, Spike no longer works at Linden Labs. I am hearing he helped many, and it sounds to me like people are sad to see him go. Now I never will get to thank him for his assistance. This continued for 5 days, with no notice of suspension or explanation. The fact that this exact thing had happened to someone else I know, in addition to what I had learned from the relayed communication made me suspect my friend and I had both been falsely ARed. I wrote several polite emails to customer support asking the status of the ticket, since I had no other way to check it. These of course, received no response. My last enquiry letter was BCCed to Philip Linden, and that FINALLY brought some response clarifying the situation and I have been able to move forward because of it. The day I BCCed Philip, I received a notice of warning and suspension -- yes, for violations to the age play policy -- and 17 seconds later, I received a notice of the termination of my second life account. I was a little smarter this time around, and tried filing my appeal under an alt’s name. The alt has had access to the grid terminated, but can check the dashboard, and the appeal ticket. And no, there has been no action on the appeal ticket since I filed it. That was twenty-three days ago… still counting. In the meantime, I have discovered a very nice alternative grid and I find some of my friends and lots of the merchants I like are popping up all over the place. Is there life after Second Life? You betcha. Would I still like my Second Life account back? I filed an appeal didn’t I? It would be great to see if Linden Labs can solve these problems. I’ve enjoyed the time I spent here, and hope to be able to resume doing that in the future.
  4. Ursa Henley says: you wont even answer abuse reports and when you do its a slap on the wrist at best and they laugh make a new acct, come bnack and continue, rinse repeat. Its all a joke that you cant even control the access to your own creation. grow a pair and fix the greifer problem at least. Certainly uneven and apparent arbitrary handling of many issues is happening... Meanwhile... people are also falsely ARed. Linden Lab also doesn't investigate those reports very thoroughly. They just swing that ban hammer, and say "oh... you may appeal, send us any information that you believe is pertinent"... through an appeals system that seems conveniently non-functional... and then the appeal is utterly ignored, unworked, unresponded to.... Much like the abuse reports, and neglected customer service tickets. I sincerely hope these recent blogs are sincere intentions by Linden Labs to clean up their act and will result in actions that benefit rather than harm Second Life's future.
  5. Group Limits Will be Raised to 40 Another big pain point for Residents is the current limit that lets you be a member of only 25 groups. We plan to raise this limit to 40 by the end of this year. In the past, our biggest concern about raising group limits was potential performance degradation, with additional stress placed on our central database. After completing some internal analysis, we now feel comfortable enough to extend group limits up to 40. I’ll put a qualifier on the group limits increase, however, and state that if we see a decrease in performance (i.e., more lag), then we may decide to roll back to the 25 limit again. Gosh... "that other grid" allows you 50. They will be watching the group increase here I am sure as their population grows. Prokofy Neva says: Are you closing and/or selling Second Life by the end of the year or first quarter 2011? There's been a lot of speculation about that. This is a valid question. There are many reasons to ask it. I have some speculative reasons of my own, but I would prefer my post to stay up. Adams Scarmon says in response to Prokofy Neva: It is all very good news! IT requires a lot of work though - I AM conceirned that LL simply lacks employees to do this! Since they released so many Lindens a couple of months ago, I fear they just dont have enough people to do the job properly and within a good time-frame. I am concerned about that myself. Customer service (mentioned in other blogs) and technical improvements won't happen without staff. How can you propose these improvements without announcing plans to increase personnel? I live in California, I know what the economy is like here. Promising the moon without resources helps no one, and it will help Linden Labs and Second Life the least of all. Granny Moody says in response to Nicknack Lacourte: Judge rules against ‘one-sided’ TOS in Bragg lawsuit http://secondlife.reuters.com/stories/2007/05/31/judge-rules-against-one-sided-tos-in-bragg-lawsuit/ Here are the actural court documents stating this as FACT. http://lawy-ers.com/robreno_order.pdf "Taken together, the lack of mutuality, the costs of arbitration, the forum selection clause, and the confidentiality provision that Linden unilaterally imposes through the TOS demonstrate that the arbitration clause is not designed to provide Second Life participants an effective means of resolving disputes with Linden. Rather, it is a one-sided means which tilts unfairly, in almost all situations, in Linden’s favor." Nicknack Lacourte says in response to Granny Moody: thanks for that information, one can only hope that Philip Linden and all the rest take notice of this official condenmation of these One sided, TOS. whch has now been deemed as Illegal. I urge all to write tickets saying these TOS have been proved to be unfair, and Lindens should be burning the midnight oil tonight, revising all the TOS items. Granny Moody and Nicknack Lacourte, Thank you for bringing this up. Since I currently have a 20+-day-old ticket with Linden Lab that is receiving no response, I am now considering adding to it... Amor Dreamscape says: It all makes me a bit sad. It seems over the past couple of years that Second Life has been moving further and further away from the utopian vision. It makes me sad too. Linden Labs WAS the pioneer. Second Life is the foundation. Other grids are benefiting from Linden Lab's experiences and mistakes. There is a pleasant sense of optimism in "that other grid" as they work out issues. That seems seriously lacking now in Second Life.
  6. ninjafoo Ng says in response to Mariana McBride: This is the same for abuse reports and live chat, if you don't frame what you want the exact way they want you to, you are just canned without a word. You really come away with the feeling they would be happy in their jobs if it wasn't for the customers. As we mentioned in our last blog post, the Customer Support team continues to drive a series of changes to the way in which Linden Lab delivers support to our Resident community. We are examining our support offering from top to bottom, using the data from our new support system, your survey data, blog feedback, and industry standard practices to help shape our approach. This new Community Blog post specifically addressed some issues that were addressed in the previous blog post, namely changes to support for basic and concierge accounts. However I notice that it COMPLETELY ignored mentioning any further developments concerning work on the "bug" that is disabling the New Abuse Appeals process mentioned in the last post. If anyone is unaware of this bug, please go and review the post. I would like to hear more comment on this previously mentioned problem. I also would like to see addressed the issue of how Linden Lab will handle staffing issues other than facilitation of self-service and reduction of options to actually RESOLVE issues instead of sort them. I would welcome more interactive response from Lindens in these forums as to HOW they plan of dealing with the backlog of all the unresolved tickets mentioned. Link to my previous post on the previous blog for those interested in my opinion. important-updates-from-support#comment-790892
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