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  1. why not write down on a notecard which stores you DONT want to buy from. have it open when you are on MP...
  2. abstinence... id rather stand looking into a prim wall for 20 min
  3. cos you d o n o t n e e d to know simple as that!! and hiding? no im not hiding, this is second life we have an avatar name not your real life name... close friends know me... the rest of you do not need to know
  4. enjoy retirement you will be missed
  5. best thing you can do it go get a redelivery of the body and start again with a fresh copy of all, body and hud.
  6. as far as i know i do not have an avatar in real life, last time i looked i was human of flesh and blood, bones and stuff... not an avatar... just sayin
  7. change your system hairbase/eyebrow shaper dont use the one genus comes with.
  8. clear cache (ctrl p opens preferences then network&files) then relog it should fix it
  9. open your body HUD and go to the "makeup-show/hide" tab there click cheeks and just click on any there. that should remove the demo beard. if you still have problems you can contact me in world and i will help you.
  10. sorry nothing you can do and as you said linden lab(NO s) doesnt get involved in user to user drama... take it as a learning experience and move on
  11. bye bye now.... oh bytheway i see NEW users coming in EVERY day so you are wrong on that
  12. this is the landing for new residents in London city http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London City/86/231/23
  13. send them to London City new user welcome hub. London Support Team are there to help new users coming through the gateway or landing needing help
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