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  1. if it is the free gift you picked up in London City IT WILL NOT work with any form of appliers at all. The FREE altamura avatars can NOT change skin, use clothing appliers, makeups or tattoos. All this is stated in the notecard that is in the folder when unpacked
  2. no i doubt anyone wants a stupid realationship.. perhaps time to grow up and ask nicely also asking here is futile... try talking ... nicely... to women inworld
  3. yes thats right but they are not the gift bodies that are avaliable all the time they were a one day present. and as the OP wasnt in sl at valentinesday it must be one of the gift bodies.
  4. no you can not none of the gift bodies are omega compatable they can not use any type of appliers at all
  5. i would say many regions have the rule - you bite we ban..just sayin so stay in your vampire regions when hunting
  6. Elise Banx

    Female AO

    Amani has 3 calm ones http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StoryBrook/226/55/2515 for 50 lindens each
  7. im going to say this as nice as i possible can... "THIS IS NOT A TROLL THREAD" - yes it is " i spent a few hundies on my avatar" - no you havent, i have seen you you might want to remove the only visible group in your profile - hint ...women that are girlfriend material dont like that kind of groups/group names my advice to you is make and alt and partner it up or get a blow-up doll now being blunt - its never going to happen
  8. you can if you want hurry over to the Altamura mainstore and pick up a free juliet mesh/bento avatar (full version) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nolan/194/95/31 you do need to join their group tho its 50Lindens to join... hurry up tho cos it is not going to be there for very long
  9. turn off movelock (CTRL + ALT + P)
  10. you have to set country in the VAT box after that you can set country on the next page
  11. i take it you still have a system body and not a mesh body... try Free Dove there are a few heels for system feet there (do NOT get any shoes for mesh bodies SLink, Maitreya etc - you can ONLY wear shoes for system feet). set your feet to 0 in appearence edit shape. always wear the shoe base (shoe icon in your inventory folder) and alpha layer provided with the shoes. that should fit it. there arent that many shoes left in second life for system bodies and if youdont want to invest in a mesh, body perhaps a pair of mesh feet would be a good idea to get. SLink does have the most shoes on the market but if you dont wantto spend lots try searching marketplace for cheap or even free ones, the ones ive seen work with SLink shoes.
  12. with ALL the Altamura GIFT bodies there is a notecard called - Altamura: 0- BENTO - Fullbody Instructions & Features - that say "Warning!!!!! This gift is not Omega System friendly." but i guess no one reads these days
  13. Open your Altamura Free HUD and click the 1 2 or 3 feet icons in the lower left corner 1 is flat 2 is mid and 3 is high
  14. we are allowed we are sad and we have lost a very very dear friend F**** Cancer RIP dear Luc
  15. check so the walls where the doorway is and the stairs, arent convex hull...
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