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  1. dont have any offspring but NO!!! children should NOT be on SL... it is against the TOS so NO no argument in any world can make me say yes. 16-17 only in general regions and when you turn 18 you can roam around as you like.
  2. yes you can buy any mesh body to wear with your shape... however if the mesh body comes with a head you need to wear the shpe it comes with to start with you can write down your shpaes numbers and set them in the new shapes body(not the head - but you can edit the head ) different bodies, so the clothing made for a specific body is rigged for that body and might now work so well with another body.
  3. (SIGNATURE / THE MESH PROJECT / SLINK) are not shapes they are mesh bodies. you wear a shape with it just as you do now. there are several mesh body makers to choose from. signature, slink, belleza, aestethic, adam, The Mesh Project, Altamura, exmach and even the RothToo. you find their different mesh bodies in their shops or marketplace. Demo them and see what you like. wear your shape or anyshape they come with which you can edit. some can use other mesh bodies clothing some can not. and the mesh bodies does come with an alpha hud.
  4. its not the "hi how are you" part i dislike, its what comes after... "how old?" and its not how old in sl they are after but RL age (FAIL!!) and "what are you looking for?" (Bigger fail!!). im new user support in an official gateway(with the tag to show it on) and partnered. still i get about 10-15 a day(on a slow day) IMs that after the first interrogation questions comes to the point .. sex me... or simply they tp out and send a tp to some seedy adult place... and you wonder what we think of men??? i can handle it but new females landing where i work gets swamped with sexIMs as soon as they land - i KNOW this is true cos i test it from time to time by making a new avatar. ok so not all men are sexual predators and hi how are you can sometimes lead to an interesting conversation but im sorry to say its very very rare...
  5. your avatar pic looks fine to me you've done a good job you are only 10 days old and thats why you get booted from some regions as Molly said lots of (adult) places have noone under 30 days allowed ticked i. And... NEVER wear your lady bits unless you go to a place where you intend (and its allowed) to engage in adult "interaction". If you wear your lady bits and HUD in other areas you might get tagged as an escort/working girl etc and booted cos of that. another thing to think about is not to wear group tags from... adult areas ... when going to a non adult region, some regions dont like it when you show up flashing naked breasts that is also something you can get booted for in some regions. and NEVER go to non adult regions to ask for sex, thats trollish. Premium is well worth it if you ask me, besides from having a Linden home(or buying a mainland region) you get 300Lindens a week stipend and can get into full events faster. also if you ever need help support is way better as premium
  6. Rumegusc Altamura is the creator of the Altamura Mesh body and yes it was a busy time in the group and sometimes the language barrier can be a problem when none of us native english speaking CSRs is avaliable. you can always call on me if you have any problems
  7. i did try to tell you yesterday in the altamura group that you did need to install the omega installer AGAIN if you did a redelivery but i got no response from you...perhaps you were relogging... anyway im glad you got it sorted now:) and George is a rock he can sort most everything(even if he isnt the creator he is altamura manager )
  8. if it is the free gift you picked up in London City IT WILL NOT work with any form of appliers at all. The FREE altamura avatars can NOT change skin, use clothing appliers, makeups or tattoos. All this is stated in the notecard that is in the folder when unpacked
  9. no i doubt anyone wants a stupid realationship.. perhaps time to grow up and ask nicely also asking here is futile... try talking ... nicely... to women inworld
  10. yes thats right but they are not the gift bodies that are avaliable all the time they were a one day present. and as the OP wasnt in sl at valentinesday it must be one of the gift bodies.
  11. no you can not none of the gift bodies are omega compatable they can not use any type of appliers at all
  12. i would say many regions have the rule - you bite we ban..just sayin so stay in your vampire regions when hunting
  13. Elise Banx

    Female AO

    Amani has 3 calm ones http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StoryBrook/226/55/2515 for 50 lindens each
  14. im going to say this as nice as i possible can... "THIS IS NOT A TROLL THREAD" - yes it is " i spent a few hundies on my avatar" - no you havent, i have seen you you might want to remove the only visible group in your profile - hint ...women that are girlfriend material dont like that kind of groups/group names my advice to you is make and alt and partner it up or get a blow-up doll now being blunt - its never going to happen
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