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  1. if shes a minor shes not allowed in second life. you have to be 18 in real life to be able to access all and if shes 16-17 shes ONLY allowed on general regions. if she lies on sign up and is under 16 she should be reported. her mother have def not spoken with any linden lab staff and they would not say it ok its all a lie. I would AR all involved in this.
  2. i use my own windlight/eep, never run day cycle. i like to see what im doing...
  3. open your head HUD, open your layers control, click SKIN in the list there and click a white colour under the colour select square... that should clear it
  4. seen you but you never asked when in london city did you? we are always there.
  5. honestly i have no idea you could try it you will see straight away if its accepted or not
  6. any bill that has your name and address on it will do
  7. first of all: theres always going to be someone that will complain about something doesnt matter what it is. The body given as a gift (if you are a member of teleporthub.com group), i have had alot of happy guys saying this is what it should be like, no fuss no muss, just add and that it. ALOT of guys dont want huds and other stuff they just want easy (and yes they usually only have two sets of clothing aswell ). as a first mesh body its not bad at all. The reason it was offered in the first place was to get users who are new or have come back to SL a chance to get an easy working
  8. children have NO PLACE in SL ...end of...
  9. you can just take a screen shot of your online bills with your name and address on and submit that...i did with my online electric and rent bills
  10. couldnt agree more!! started to watch the EEP video stopped after 1 minute couldnt stand listening to that childlike voice. its not cute its not fun its horrible - we are ADULTS, would be nice if we were treated as adults in these videos.
  11. NO you can not do that unless you are an Official Gateway region... that means Only region that have been approved by Linden Lab to be apart of the Gateway project can have that on their website.
  12. yes it is in the Texture Tab click the texture box then under the texture box in the pop up you have inventory, local and bake. Use local for testing textures, its a fab feature and saves so much lindens while testing
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