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  1. you can just take a screen shot of your online bills with your name and address on and submit that...i did with my online electric and rent bills
  2. couldnt agree more!! started to watch the EEP video stopped after 1 minute couldnt stand listening to that childlike voice. its not cute its not fun its horrible - we are ADULTS, would be nice if we were treated as adults in these videos.
  3. NO you can not do that unless you are an Official Gateway region... that means Only region that have been approved by Linden Lab to be apart of the Gateway project can have that on their website.
  4. yes it is in the Texture Tab click the texture box then under the texture box in the pop up you have inventory, local and bake. Use local for testing textures, its a fab feature and saves so much lindens while testing
  5. who wants to buy sansar??? its tainted oups did in say that... just ignore me
  6. Elise Banx


    ohhh 7 of 9 love star trek picard
  7. another case of READ and re readbefore speaking out or should i say read and comprehend - yes i mean it and no im not nice all the time, seriously it was dead easy to understand doesnt say anything about tilia being removed or separated "possible effects on Second Life and Tilia." just the effects it might have on SL including Tilia ... whishful thinking much? And thanks Grupity for yet again clarifying something that wasnt at all hard to understand
  8. NO and if that happened i would leave that place and never go back!!! that is just RUDE!
  9. the very short answer to this is ... NO
  10. Altamura everyday of the week
  11. thats old system skins they had nails on fingers and toes... updated BoM skins doesnt. you can get a a fix for it there are several on MP for example [Stargazer Creations] Bakes on Mesh - Hand and Foot Fix - GIFT you wear it and then edit and colour it in to the shade your skin is.
  12. oh excists in rl....depends how much you have been drinking
  13. yes i have the same problem and it is very very annoying. have checked everything logged out and in again and nothing works
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