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  1. Hello:) I have a problem that I hope someone knows the solution to. I have started to get really into making hair and experimenting with it. But the thing is I would like to be able to make several different colors of it. The way I am doing it now involves replacing each and every texture by hand (or at least by mouse) Its very tiresome and if you also have alpha textures it starts to get really annoying. Then I started thinking if I couldnt geta texture changing script and change the textures that way...but the thing is.. I feel its very complicated to do! Maybe I am just dense but these scripts are very confusing to me. Is there a simpler script that can accomplish the thing I want to do or some easier way I would be happy to know it. Maybe this one is for the scripting forum but I feel its more about building so please help.
  2. I was thinking of posting an event on the SL website,but I am unsure if I am allowed.

    An event is defined as a special group activity that is led by a host on land owned either by the host or by a group the host belongs to.

    The event in question is a hunt taking place over several sims.Would be grateful for any clarification. Maybe its pretty simple,but I feel a bit confused.

    Thankful for any help

  3. tumblr_mcmp71wtAo1rrjpw9o1_400.jpg

    Join the hunt!

    The Antique Grid Show: Autumn Hunt is a grid wide hunt organized to introduce SL residents to some new and no-so-new shops that deal in antique, historical, and period furniture, clothing, and accessories. The theme of the hunt will be “antiques,” but with a general autumn ambiance.

    The hunt will run from Nov 1 to Nov 30.

    Right now sneak peeks of the gifts offered can be viewed on antiquesgridshow.blogspot.com


  4. I am looking for a special kind of necklace similar to these pictures. I can find all sorts with ROUND jewels/beads but what I want are dropshaped ones.

    Preferred colors would be white and cream. No strong colors. Also not too long,preferred lenght would be to about the collarbone.




    I really hope something like this exists inworld... :)


  5. Amen. This happens a lot on the sl fashion blogs. I hate the trend. They might have really good clothes on them..but because of the avatar looking like a giant human catfish its offputting.

    Of course its SL..anyone can be what they want and look how they want. But really,..who would want to look like that?

  6. Ok I understand... I think. I dont know many furries and those I do know doesnt have hair lol

    This is looking better but I would suggest taking the photo from a straight on angle,instead of the slightly overhead one you have now. Makes the model and the gown look better.

    Good luck :)


  7. Some suggestions from me...

    I would change the background, the gown and background both being purple makes the gown hard to see. I like the other bg much better. And the ones with the garden inworld locations.

    I dont think you need to change the avatar if you demographic is victorian furries. But if you want to sell to to human shaped avatars too I would suggest getting a human avatar.

    Or ask a friend who you think looks nice, maybe she can help out. :)

    Get a different hair.It looks very newbie-ish and fake.



  8. You are cordially invited to the weeklong 18th century Fair-a humble exhibiton  of fine 18th century wares. (clothes,furniture and etc)

    There is a small gathering planned for Monday- May the 14th -10 AM SLT  to officially open the fair. Danceballs are available for those who feel so inclined. (Period clothing not a must,but preferred)

    I have been told the skilled ladies and gentlemen builders and designers will be bringing their finest craftman(and woman)ship. So taking a stroll through the landscape while browsing the shops is highly encouraged.

    A Fortune Teller will be in residence to read your fortunes in a secluded grove.

    A hunt is also being arranged with items from some our generous participants. (Ongoing through the whole week)

    Participating designer and builders.

    L´Optimiste-Nimue Brezoianu (clothes

    MB antiques-Serenya Burnstein

    Louise-Bathilde Comissions -LouiseBathilde Sapphire

    Versailles furniture -MarieJosette Laville

    La Grenier de Chateau -Trasgo Beaumont

    Armoire de Coeur et Court-Stormy Panacek

    Eclectic- Tiffy Vella

    {NS} Nadeau Shoppe -Thaddeus Nadeau (furniture)

    ZART-Quecay Amat (furniture)

    A.S.S Decades -Photos Nikolaidos (mens clothing)

    Joyaux de Jacquemin -André Jacquemin (jewelry)

    Yohoo! Maria-Antonia Barenhaut (hairs)

    Amadeo´s Artifacts-Amadeo1499 (furniture)

    Cherie - Joandarc Ninetails

    Trefusis Design-Sophia Trefusis

    Château LaTour   -Elvydia Zenoria

    Archduchess Wigs -MarieAlexia Resident

    House of Alisha     -Alisha Ultsch (clothes)

     Cour le soir          - Vain Adder (furniture)

    Casa de Bebe-Bebe Begonia (furniture)

    Renee Sanse design-Tess Spargel

    MaMia -Paat Decuir   (furniture)

    Miroirs la Duchesse-Willise Resident

  9. Hello, I am trying to find this hair or something similar.

    The original is by Iconic,but slurl doesnt work. But I really like the way it look.

    Any help would be appreciated.:matte-motes-asleep-2:


    (I dont own this picture and take no credit for it,found it on SL Fashion Feed)

  10. I can upload a rigged shirt....i can upload a rigged skirt.

     But I cant put them together to make a dress without SL crashing on me as soon as I check the "skin weight" box. Up until then everything is all right the green "ship it!" symbol appears and no dae parsing issues.

    I have tried in both Phoenix and Firestorm but the same thing happens. I crash.

    This really making me irritated because I thought I was finally getting somewhere with all this mesh buisness. :(

    Used both a rig where the mesh parts are joined(ctrl+J) and one where they are unjoined.

    Thankful for any help.

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