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  1. Thanks for your help I have one more question. Is there a way I can do this in blender, or is there another free or extremely low cost modeling program I can use?
  2. Ok, I made a model in blender before I got to test out the beta mesh, is there a way that I can make into an avatar on SL? If anyone knows of any tutorials I should refer to or has any tips, help would be greatly appreciated. ^^
  3. I am trying to reinstall SL after my computer almost broke. The installer keeps stopping at random points with the error message Extract: error writing to file *name of file* Can anyone help me? The furthest the installation has gotten is 16% of Secondlife.exe. It has mysteriously stopped installation there the past 2 attempts.
  4. Ok, so here are a few of my failed uv maps. Click Here What am I doing wrong? If I need to provide more pics, just ask for them.
  5. Hi, I've gotten advice on this from a few people, tried, and I have gotten a garbled up mess every time. I keep getting 2 main types of messed up sculptie maps, one where the map is almost completely light green, and a flat surface with a lot of points. I can't upload the pics because my comp won't let me, I'll have to try uploading on a different comp later. I really need help.And Luc,thank you for that page, it was very informative, I have it bookmarked. Can anyone help me, or tell me what I mightive done to screw up like this? I have the latest jass public.
  6. I need to know how to make a sculpy map out of a Collada (dae) to a sculpty map in blender. I know this is possible, just not exactly how. I know that there has to be no holes in the mesh of the file, but other than that I have no clue how. Help would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. I know that I am probably going to make people who read this face palm, but I need to ask it.... How to you make those sculpty maps in blender? From a dae to be more exact? I have primstar on blender working, but whatever I try to get it make a sculpty map out of the dae file I get a message in the command prompt saying "debug gui 000 - bake failed after 0.1117 sec." I have tried convrting the file to .blend and have tried opening it in the mesh> sculpt mesh thing but that hasn't worked eaither. Help please?
  8. I am wanting to make some scuplties for a project. I have a few questions about sculpties. First off, I am wanting to put a texture on the sculpty, do I have to make the UV map without it, or could I save L$ and put the texture on it before I make the UV map? And how exactly do you make a UV map in blender? Also how do you make a body crusher? I know I can always buy one, but I need to make one so that I can make it transferable, as I am wanting to sell this when I am finished. I know I sound so noobish, but please don't be too hard on me lol.
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