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  1. It will be an extreme shame if this change occurs. I am still a part of Second Life because I get to see my wonderful friends from all over the world. Life is busy so to be able to get an email that a friend is online makes it possible to see them much more frequently than otherwise possible. This change will likely make people who have been here longer and come mainly for friends to gradually leave SL. The function is also extremely helpful for when someone needs my help and we are having difficulty meeting up. LL continually amazes me at how poorly they understand their customers. Development of new features will come to a screaming halt by restricting new features, allowing them only if the LL viewer has them. They were getting free development help. LL has such a poor track record of knowing what people want, they would have (and did in some cases) turn down many popular features. Always so sad when you see something needlessly ruined.
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