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  1. I have already checked coalesced objects and the trash before with no luck either. I made sure to check items that had no clear description to make sure it wasn't renamed somehow and yes I'm sure I pressed Take if I had pressed delete everything else would be gone as well. I'm pretty much at a loss here
  2. I selected multiple items using the Edit tool (Drag Select). Right-clicked and selected 'Take' and it put the items in my inventory BUT several items have disappeared entirely. I contacted the land owner who didn't receive the items neither nor did anyone in the group on my land. One of the items I bought years ago and doubt I can get back and a few of the other items were rather pricey. I had to re-buy a pricey object because people were depending on me for an event and I doubt I'll be getting a refund. I also right-clicked the land at the time to see the amount of objects on it and it was 0 and yes I checked my inventory thoroughly including lost and found. Then I cleared my cache and tried a couple of other viewers, Then waited a couple of days to see if they would re-appear...No luck. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong but it would be difficult to get the items/linden back from the various shops and time consuming not to mention I doubt I will be refunded for everything that went missing and so I've lost some money because of this bug and so I'm not happy....
  3. So I have disabled Group Chats in Me > Preferences > Chat Then went to individual groups under Communicate > Groups Right click on group > View Info I scroll down to Receive Group Notices which I've unticked and pressed Save Even though I've disabled both Group Chat notifications and incoming Group Chat pop-ups. I'm STILL receiving notifications at the top right when someone posts a message in group chat. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get rid of group chat without leaving a group?
  4. My issue is that I try to make changes to my profile and save them but then I check back and the changes aren't saved. It takes me several tries before it works and even then not always. I've also been getting quite a lot of crashes even though I have a really good computer.
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