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  1. thanks Suki for this. just what the doctor ordered.
  2. thanks Sylvia for this exactly perfect remedy.
  3. I just had this problem of creat #RLV folder, and it's not there. Another ALT avatar, created #RLV and it's right there as expected. Maybe this is a Friday night on SL kinda thing, or chaos theory stikes again. The worst case this is what I had to do. I created a NOT #RLV folder, say lower case "rlv" or anything else. I then put appropriate anything in this folder, NOT named #RLV (mine was named lowercase rlv, no pound sign). Folder now has some test subfolders and a blindfodl ro something. Then after this I renamed the lower case folder "rlv", with inexpensive test subfolders or stuff in it
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