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  1. Hey Maxine, In very VERY broad strokes, I tend to lean toward my body type in RL. Not because I want to aim for that, but because it is a look I am familiar with and know. So proportions are very generally like my SL, but I like to play with different .. mmm.. everything else! hahaha. Different skin & eye color, hair styles, style. It's so much fun! As for height, it is really just an avatar and the number they give for the height is irrelevant to proportion, in my option. That is, they call it 6'2" but it's a tiny avatar on the screen... they could have called it 10'5" or 4'8" and we wouldn't know any better. So I aim for proportion rather than numbers then try to fit in with whatever group I am in the midst of. Despite leaning toward my RL body type, I do love that in SL we are free to be anything. We already ARE what we are in RL. We know it, we live it. If I want to be like in RL, I can just go in RL. Perhaps some people have issue with that as they find it disingenuous or a type of lie or misrepresentation, perhaps, but I don't. There is no expectation when we sign on to SL that one should represent themselves as they are in RL - quite the opposite even!
  2. I only just started wearing glasses in SL and love them!! These are by Blush and come in a few colors. Panteleeva looks like she might be wearing the same ones
  3. Just did this photo today and feeling really great in this bento head.
  4. Hello Dean, Three years ago I founded an SL photography school with my business partner, Nariko Okawa. Our goal is to have everyone be able to take the photos they envision in their minds. Our course is very in-depth and we teach everything we know (if we don't know it, we invite in guest speakers). To give you an example of how in-depth it is, we meet once a week for 2-3 hours for 10 weeks. The topics we covers are the technical aspects of taking photos in SL, composition, lighting, telling a story, and finding one's personal style. We don't cover post-processing techniques because Adobe tutorials already do a great job of that. We work hard at teaching students how to develop their style rather than try to copy ours. Probably better than hearing from me might be to connect with some of our graduates to ask them about their experience. We have over 50 gradutates now and will be starting the fall semester in October. Due to the intense nature of the course, we only teach twice a year and limit each semester to about 12 students. Here is a link to my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wrennoir/ I would be happy to speak with you in SL if this is of any interest to you. Wren
  5. So, Alwin, I paid for a Premium Membership two days late (after I asked for a downgrade), I am listed as a Premium Member now, but cannot own land because I will be downgraded a year from now?! Yah, I'm sending a ticket. Thank you for the help!
  6. I had a Premium Membership that was a couple of days past due. I went to pay and considered downgrading to Basic. I abandoned my land and set account to downgrade, but because I was overdue, the Basic Account was not going to downgrade until this current (overdue) membership expired (Feb 2017). So, I paid for the Premium Membership until Feb 2017. Now, I can't get a home back, my account is still listed as Premium with a note that it is schedule to be downgraded. So, it's a Premium Account currently, but when I go to choose a LL home, I get the message that my account is past due dispite the fact that I did pay for it. This message ONLY comes up when I try to choose a home. It does not come up on all other screens as it did when it was TRULY overdue. Is this a process that takes a few days or something? Thank you
  7. Thank you so much for the reply and the link! I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER!! And it's not a good one! The snapshot is CORRECT with Constrain Proportions off and any random numbers put in for width and height that are not equal to the size of the screen AS LONG AS the Advanced Lighting Model is unchecked! When the Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) is checked, the snapshot is of the WHOLE screen (which is wider than it is tall) compressed to whatever size I set (i.e. 3000 x 3000) This is really terrible and needs to be looked at and fixed since without ALM we cannot get the beautiful shadows. So my next issue is: I'll see if a JIRA was created
  8. Hello Everyone! I am pretty sure I've just spent all day trying to find the answer to this problem. Many apologies if one of you gives me a quick link to the answer. I promise I tried to look. I used to be able to set the proportion of my photo (width x height) while looking at the whole screen. If I wanted a square photo, the edges of my rectangular screen would grey out a little and I would see the square image that would be saved to disk. On my computer, the image wold only be of the part that was not greyed out. Now, if I set the proportion to anything less than the screen, the sides still grey out as if the picture was only going to be of the chosen dimension, but the image on my computer is of the entire screen compressed down to the dimensions I set. Distorted and compressed. This happens if I check or uncheck constrain proportions, if I check or uncheck High Resolution Snapshot to disk. What I am doing is reducing the screen to the size of the photo I want to save, but that is very cumbersome as I usually like to take square photos. Am I missing something. Thank you so much =)
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