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  1. I was on second life. However everything was so laggy, that i logged off. Now it is giving me the log in screen. However the little login bar is not moving. It just keeps saying logging in....... Earlier it took about 4 minutes for the progress more to finally move and log me in. So just curious is Second life having slow login issues today, Due to the weather in their area????
  2. If your not shy and don't mind people watching. Find you a nice smooth running waterfall that has the shower/sex animation. Grab that partner and show him/her a fantasy he/she wont forget.lol! sorry my own fantasy there..rofl! Ok really any adult sex club is great.just depending on what your into. Just becareful in all honesty. Some take things a little to far and think that just because you had s*x with them,your in love with them. They will grief you.So make it known your expectations in SL. If no relationship,then make that very clear and record the chat. So that if they start harrassing you and swearing your in love with them. You can report it to LL. =( Enjoy you SL =)
  3. 1: I live on an adult sim. Yes there are 3 clubs on the sim. 2 are fairly slow.not so many going to them. However the one in the sky is an adult club that is well very active.Might be due to the fact it is a sex club. 2: I have now set my radar to announce people entering and leaving sim.Entering and leaving draw distance.I have also now learned how to take pictures with the print screen button.Have been taking pictures of those entering sim and where their starting point is. The starting point is at the club above. I have also done the experiment of tp-ing to someone by way of MAP. By way of map you are not landing directly in the middle of the person. You are offset a ways. Also have now purchsed a few huds, that have the tp to button. Those too have shown to offest the avatar a little ways from the person i tp-ed too. However found it interesting that the tp to button in the viewer. Seems to land you directly in the persons avatar that you are tping to. Took picutres of the whole thing to prove my points. 3: Very true about the profile. Aparently people see either the picture or actually read something that catches their attention. However do have in their that I AM MARRIED Here is my sl profile. Maybe a suggestion to make it not so inviting for the drop ins. about: 1: RL= Biological Molecular Pixelized human 2: SL= Pixelized Avi that is 98.5% a look alike to #1 3: Ego's= gets you no where attitude 4: wanna f's= gets you nothing 5: A-S-L= Nonya F-in Business 6: BI= Likes Both genders-however prefer Males read more in picks - then feel free to IM Me. First life tab : √ married - 2 - Bleeping the name Age Verified Voice Verified 100% percent female. RL and SL Not escaping reality.Enjoying Virtual Reality. Now IM me to know me - Cause the rest of my RL is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!! 4: Have tried talking with the club owner about this issue.Even showed proof by way of pictures that they are coming down from his club. All get is he feels that, i take this game to seriously. Have also talked with the landlord about this issue. Since these are apartments that are stacked one on top of another and on 1 parcel together,with the land settings set so no one can see into them that are outside of the area. He has also put in an orb to eject them imediately. That If by allowing me and others to ban individuals who pop in on us. It could/would as he feels slow down his ability to get potentional renters in his apartments. 5: Everyone has their reasons for being on SL. Mine are different then most i guess. I do not view SL as a game. Enough said on that. I am just tired of hearing it is a game.When clearly it is not to some.At least respect their reasons for being their. 6: I don't have a problem with people using my apartment for their own fun. Just not when i am there and diffently not when i am in the middle of my fun with someone. I sure don't want to see someone standing right in the middle of me,as my ass is sliding up and down. rofl!! That is why the IM button was placed there. So you can IM to see if the person is available or to at least have a conversation with. 7: As far as moving, as some of you have suggested.. Well i guess it is just time to remain on my own sim and lock the doors. It is already a group only sim and those that come their. They do not tp to anyone that is paired up. Its just sad to see that on most adult sims, the respect is not the same. Nothing wrong with watching someone either. As long as it is at a distance and not interrupting the couples pleasure. Am i so wrong to think that respect should be a given in a place like SL, as most would respect people in RL for their privacy? I mean do so many walk up to or flawk to a person RL window to see what they are doing inside. Just cause of curiousity is killing the cat.. I don't know maybe it is just my time to leave SL. I am beginning to feel I don't belong there either. I am not enjoying SL as I did in the beginning. However wasn't always hearing the wanna blank ?'s alot nor did i at the beginning think that SL would help at all with my RL situation.However SL did help with certian things and I was started to feel i belonged somewhere in a life. I brought up the fact of disablity in hopes that some would graps an understanding to the many reasons people come to SL.. It was not intended to offend anyone or cause anyone to feel pity. Just have a little more understanding to the many reasons why some do come to SL.. Anyway this is my last post here. Cause it doesn't really matter anyway. I am coming to realize people are the way they are and making things simple is the way to be. The button makes it simple for many, even though it can be a pain for those who do get griefed. So leave the thing in and live life.Take care all!!
  4. Funny how everyone is bound to keep the button. Which i don't have a problem with that to a degree. Let me bring up what i stated in my initial post.. "The button should be either removed or at least have a drop down that will allow you to agree to them tp-ing to you" At least give people the CHOICE and I am saying the CHOICE to allow or not allow someone to tp to you. An added feature to possiblely stop the BS. Again allow people to have the CHOICE to allow or not allow someone to tp to you. As for asking the Landlord for rights to ban people on a parcel,done that and he has even gone as far as reporting these individuals to LL. He has been very kind,however does not feel comfortable about giving rights on his parcel.Which i can understand his point to a degree. So how many landlords are out there in SL land, that is going to give that right out to renters of their Apartments or Homes? Please send me their names and LM's to those rentals. Cause at this point i am willing to move if this continues.This has become an everyday occurance and It has been about 5 people in a 20 minute time span.
  5. So gadget Would that mean i would have to contact my LANDLORD everytime someone does this to have them banned. I mean as i have stated. I RENT THE HOME..NOT THE PARCEL.. So i do not have rights to land rights. All i can do is place out an orb with eject only.. wow truly am shaking head in disbelief at how important a button is to so many. When as you point out,you an do it by other means. How about allowing those others to slowly find it out. AH NM this only proofs that many truly do not think about anything but their own self interests. Not how it could help and I did say could help many from being griefed. Oh and also if I AM PAYING for the home. WHY should i leave,because someone thinks they can come on SL and do whatever they damn well please.
  6. :matte-motes-impatient: Well that seems to be where things are wrong. Cause in RL no one has a right to come into your home without permission or an invitation. So where should SL be any different, Cause i know i sure have not invited them or gave them permission to enter my Home on SL. Ahhhhhhh thats right.. SL is a game to the majority,so the majority rules RIGHT!!. Its funny how it is a game ,Until they get hurt by someone in Game. Then it becomes something different then a game. It becomes VR. VR= Virtual Reality, which means Almost Reality. Which links it more to RL(Reality). Wow what a concept! As for behaior. You are correct. Many show exactly who and what they are in RL in SL. And if it was allowed to do the things they do in SL in RL. Could you image what the RL world would be like.Wow there goes peace and common sense and well lets add the so called Godly Morals. There is no respect in either world as far as I see. Cause of people and their behaviors. However they are the first to **bleep** about things when it hits their pockets and makes them struggle harder to survive. As for ignoring them!! Wow yeah you can mute them all and not be able to talk with pretty much a majority of people on SL. However that will not stop the individuals from being disrespectful griefers/arse-hats. Also it sure is not going to stop the RL under sexed Arse-hats from dropping in on you, in your moment of pleasurable fun in your own home on SL. Because they can not get someone to play with their whanky,wuzzy and so that means they should just have free reighn to just drop in on anyone they please. Because the so called g-dly morals,respect and common sense does not exist in SL,because SL is a game. Right!! Can I ask what happened to common sense,and respect? Did they go out the window when they agreed to TOS. OK correct me if i am wong on what i am saying and seeing here. Because i am not afraid to admit if i am wrong and nor am i afraid to educate myself further in life. To achieve a more peaceful and loving life. Oh and btw there are some of us that come on SL,for other reasons then it being a game. With some of us,we are either disabled,missing limbs, or have other ills that prevent us from doing somethings in RL,that we can do in SL. So with that said those of us like this deserve no respect by others. right? As for giving others a reason to grief me. Been an Anti-griefer in SL for 4 years now. So if reporting someone for breaking tos or being harrassing by way of tos. Gives these people the right to grief me. Then wow i have tons of people on SL that would just love to be arse-hats to me for reporting them for age play,child porn,Harrassing others and Spamming to the point of harrassment. Oh and lets not forget, bringing a sim offline due to BS or as some would have others believe, it was only roleplaying. Shakes head in dis-belief.
  7. I honestly feel this tp to button only allows for more griefing in Second Life. The button should be either removed or at least have a drop down that will allow you to agree to them tp-ing to you. Its about respect, which at this time i am seeing an increase of people with no respect for others privacy at all.
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