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  1. South Side Snakepit. Perfectly normal. Yep. No crime here, Nope. We have a coffee place, a bar, asylum.. just like any normal town. When the cops come back, there is a police station we can clean up and get all those slex toys out of the place. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cale/63/87/79
  2. Between a little bit of voice training, voice changing software, and having a friend at your house to say "Hello" for you, "verifying by voice" is putting faith in a pretty rickety bridge. It's not reliable. Only a simpleton would base their trust in someone based on hearing sounds from their computer. SL is SL. People can appear in any way they chose. I would love to see this guy's reaction to meeting a dragon. "Belch fire in voice, or I am out of here!" You met an idiot- be glad that he presented you with such a clear declaration of how he does not understand SL and his bigotry.
  3. Vicars and Tarts Adult Urban RP Theme Sunday Aug 10, 1:00pm SLT Sim wide role play theme: “Vicars and Tarts and those they Prey on” The South Side Snakepit - Sunday August 10th 1:00 PM slt. Cale Region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cale/8/56/79 What if a group of religious nuts had a convention at the South Side Snakepit? What would happen? There would be priests and whores. Babylon now. There would be sacrificial offerings and big cups of cheap wine. There would be people preaching in the street, hookers rolling in money, the mighty laid low, lions laying down with lambs, demons fe
  4. 12:00 noon SLT today, sunday july 13 in the Cale region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cale/61/88/79 Theme: a prison bus has broken down in town, which lead to a jail break. Fiftey sex crazed female inmates are scattered about town, each with a different agenda. Prison guards, cops, rent-a-cops, bounty hunters converge. Normal citizens show up and attempt to go about their day.. or take advantage of the situation. Play any role you like or can imagine! Costumes encouraged. All skill levels welcome! Come and try. 1. It's Adult role play. No kids, no kid avitars. Not even teens. Adul
  5. The South Side Snakepit in the Cale region supports just about any style of role play. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cale/61/88/79 we are the landing zone for the Cale region, so just search "cale" in Maps.. and that is us. Very few picky rules or huds or complicated backstory.. we are a low key pick-up style RP game. Rules: 1) No child or "teenie" avitars. Look adult! 2) No escorting for real $L ($5L cut off prices for hookers) 3) Don't act like a jerk out of character. In character is fully approved. have fun!
  6. The reply to this post is a TOS violation. One may not disclose RL information about a player. On the other hand, it may be "libel"- writing lies to defame someone's character. The correct response is to file an abuse report (which I did.. but the more people that pile on the more effective the report.. this is my experience.) I read the header of this post and thought "Wow! Someone introduces themselves and makes an offer of interesting activities or role play! How refreshing!" Usually we see "Hi", "Hi, I em desprate to half frinds", or "I'm bored, someone come amuse me because I have the
  7. The Snakepit has been an active hardcore RP sim for about 4.5 years now... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cale/62/103/78 SLURLS have not worked for me for years, I forget other people use them! You can also search for us in "Places" by "south side snakepit" or Search by Map for the region "CALE" Thanks for reminding me!
  8. Firestorm has a huge user base, and most friends can help you. It is simple.. just start playing with it. Singularity is very similar to firestorm but seems to use less memory and has been more reliable to me. It has sim management tools I can no longer live without. This interface is very much like the old Phoenix interface.
  9. Q. What time does the event end? A. The event ends when the last two role players give up the theme! You can leave at any time. Q. Can we (as prisoners) actually escape? A. Sure! It's role play! If you can make it out of town, you can start a new identity or get over the border to freedom. Then you can become a new character and pick up new RP partners and play again or hang out in the bar and socialize. Q. Can I be a (bounty hunter), (lawyer), (slaver), (sadistic murderer) (etc?) A. Sure! Have fun! Q. I am a Furry... A. That's not a question! All are welcome. That does not mea
  10. 1. Vouchers to replace SL1 land with SL2 land 2. Vouchers to replace the lost value of inventory so I can replace my considerable investment in SL1 towards SL2 3. A user interface that does not split the world in to "Noobs" and "Someone finally told me how to get Firestorm and omg its so much better" users. 4. How about not screwing over the user base every 18 months?
  11. to have something to talk about, go do something interesting! Some of my favorite things: 1. go explore little music clubs with nice DJs 2. explore interesting new places (see the destination guide for cool spots, then put a few favorites in your profile, then ask people what cool places they have found.) 3. go shoot zombies at Grimly's. It's silly fun. 4. Learn how to build or script. There are many places you can learn Now you are interesting and people will flock to you. And if they don't you will say "GOOD! I'm having too much fun to sit around talking!"
  12. Sim wide role play theme: "Women's Prison Bus Breakdown"; The South Side Snakepit - Sunday July 13th 12:00 noon slt. Costumes Encouraged! Theme: A prison bus full of female inmates breaks down while passing through the South Side Snakepit. Instead of a heroic tale of ingenious prisoners digging a tunnel to freedom using spoons, this is a tale of incompetence, understaffed and underpaid guards, and unwatched back doors. Female inmates are all over the city with as many motives as you can shake a nightstick at. Roles: *Female *Prisoners: Hardened criminals, petty thieves, prostitut
  13. Lots of our RPers suck. You just have to use force. At the South Side Snakepit the rules are pretty simple 1. Don't act like a jerk OOC 2. No Child or Teeny Avitars (look 21 years old which means an "honest" 18) 3. No charging for sex above a token fee of $1L
  14. our sunday party is in the bar today.. your chance to dance and talk to folks before diving in to a role play of meyhem and wetness. Russo has his best rubber suit on.. come on down. Cale Region
  15. Don't forget to reset your router I have seen things like this when a file in the system's dns cache is corrupted. It's an easy thing to purge. Google search "flush Dns cache".. It fixed a friend Delete all sl files. Defrag hard drive. Repair registry. Clean install one viewer. Reset router. Flush Dns cache. Cross fingers. Sacrifice a brewski to Legba, hope for the best. Don't fix it until its broken!
  16. Every Sunday the lovely East Rodas (snakepit owner) dusts off her grammophone and plays music in the street. 1:00 PM Cale Region Role players gather and meet out of character in the rough, gritty, crime infested streets of the South Side. We needs code words for what goes on here, but it isnt generally romantic. This is your chance to meet and chat before grabbing. I mean.. role playing You can wander off and explore the toys, too. I shut up now.
  17. did I remember to mention that East (the owner) DJs for the Out of Charater Street Party, Sundays at 1:00pm SLT? Yup. Every sunday at 1:00 SLT. Look like an adult... at least 21... and come meet like minded adult themed rough playing role players. Thems code words for...
  18. The Southside Snakepit in the Cale region might interest you. We have a police station.. but the cops moved to the suburbs. So hard to find a cop these days. Fire Department? Any guy in a fireman's coat with a hat could probably walk in and inspect the buildings and shake down people.. I mean.. improve public safety. Asylum? Thats why we call it "the Snakepit"... for over 4 years in SL. We like RLV combined with Role Play. It gets rough around here. Stop over a few times. The crowds come and go like the tides, except the tides you can figure out!
  19. Try "Flushing your DNS Cache" this simple operation has helped two of my good friends now. They always crashed, only on one sim. Every time they TP in.. CRASH. No place else. The DNS cache is the telephone book from names like "secondlife.com" to a long string of hexidecimal numbers. If an address gets mangled, it apparently can lead to crashes on the sim where an address is mangle-fied. Google search "Flush DNS Cache" for the fairly simple instructions... about 5 steps system depending. For good measure, you may wish to change your DNS Lookup Service to something like Google inste
  20. Most people get a new router and modem when they move. Their ISP gives that to them when they get a new account. Some routers simply will not run SL. That's a sad fact. Please look on your router and get the name and model number. Are you using a new ISP? Sometimes a call to your ISP and getting the correct technical help person works wonders. Good Luck!
  21. The South Side Snakepit is one of SL's oldest hard/forced role play sex locations. We have been in continuous operations in the CALE Region for FOUR years now! Saturday 22 Feb from 12 to 4 PM SLT we will be having an Out of Character Party! Four DJs- East, Z, Russo, and Kookie Hax ! Old friends, new friends, naughty alts, forgotten mains.. come dance, chat, meet new people and maybe even explore some new toys. Anyone wanting to role play is welcome! Absoulutely no child avis! Your Avi should look 21 years old no matter how old you are in real life. (That's just how we roll at the South Sid
  22. I eject and ban about one six year old a week trying to have sex on my sim. Don't even come- immediate ban. Pedophelia is a serious issue. People wanting to play children should stay out of sex sims, night clubs, bars and war zones. That's my opinion. Kids dont belong in those places.
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