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  1. Hi , I have EXACTLY the same situation as you , I have tried so many times to get answers and all I am told is to wait , my story started with a strange link from April Linden in a private message about a game from a creator that violated TOS , as a game creator myself I thought I would take a look , the link sent to me by April Linden asked for my log in details to view on marketplace , normally I would shut it off and ignore but because it came from a Linden I thought must be ok !! .. after doing this I contacted my groups of sim owners who instantly advised me to change my password .. so I did .. 2 hours later I am notified that I have a 3 day suspension (which I contested to no avail) I was just told I was repetitively spamming (this was during the supposed suspension btw) so I get my account back 3 days later and try to upload money .. I get a failed message .. I also have 4 pending withdrawals in process credit history that are 9 days old so 4 live help calls 2 phone calls 2 tickets and nothing except : wait 14 days and try again , you MUST wait the full 14 days it said .. the best part was the case number on the ticket .. it said invalid case type , it would not let me see the case , when I questioned this they said use the e-mail to which I replied there was no e-mail (as there usually is) so in sumary i clicked on a link in a private message from april Linden got suspended for 3 days and my account totaly messed around with no answers at all .. i had the same 3 possibilities as you sent to me - Account Status - Geographic Location - Undisclosed potential risk factors today i tried again to see if the funds will be sent to me , and all i get is wait and wait and wait this is beyond funny now , i have my assumptions as to what is going on in general on sl but thats for another blog lol sorry i cant help you , but i will watch your post for info that may help me too Good luck Dazza
  2. hi simon , thx for the offer ... i have now had over 100 reports sent against the main guy .. the funny thing is this guy is 1800 + days old .. you would think that LL would be able to do something .. i have had reports from many people on here and all say the same .. basically LL do nothing so fight fire with fire , i realy didnt want to go down that road and i have told LL this .. i just hope that they act now as it is still continueing even today and i always get a suple warning .. it would have been cheaper to pay the 100k as my losses now total more than that .. if you dont mind i will IM you if nothing is done by LL ..many thanks Dazza
  3. hi qie , grid wide gaming is common on SL , but Real Time gaming is different , this requires alot more complicated scripts and servers to run as we are fighting sl time frames , so if you are on 1 sim and i am on another for us both to get exactly the same number rezzed at exactly the same second requires alot of calculating due to sim differences , this is what makes it easier to attack , the games are advanced enough to know when a sim is being attacked and will disconnect that board from the main frame , but this doesnt help all the sim owners and that is realy what this is about
  4. hi sy , first thing they did was shut down our sims . locked us out (land settings were group only rezz / scripts) groups for rezzing are by appointment only (hosts / managers only) , but they got over this somehow and locked the sims down which then required rolling back , after that they managed to crash our game , this game is a real time full grid game that relies on our server to run (first of its kind) , we think we have stopped them from getting to the servers and the game but all the sims (220 of them) are still open to attack , sim owners cant lock their sims down or they wont have any players ...
  5. hi tateru , unfortunately not , the sims in question are all gaming sims so open to public , i think the problems are that as we make more advanced things for SL we are more vunerable to attack , i realy thought LL would atleast suspend the main perpetrators for even a hour whilst they investigate it , i have now implemented many new devices to protect my games from being hacked but the 250 sims are still vunerable , i can only hope that LL will act today as these people are sending suptle warnings before they do it (this must be logged on their servers somewhere) , but tyvm for the reply
  6. yes ty for that .. that was suggested to me today , my concern with that was that they are from an middle east counrty and i am not sure on the regulations or laws that apply there , and in the meantime i / we am loosing about 100k a day , but tyvm for the reply
  7. no i am not going to , it was more of a statement to say "what else is there" ? .. in RL we would call the poilce on here we have to rely on LL , but if the police dont come to your rescue in RL what do you do ? ... i am not a griefer or a hacker , but there are alot of sims and 1000's of ppl that do love my games , those people are getting upset too
  8. ok i am looking for help on this matter , i will give a brief description of events and what has been done , any help is appreciated. i am a game creator on SL and i have made one of the biggest multiplayer games on sl i have over 250 sim / games places in a special group where we communicate all these sims are reliant on my game for income / traffic etc recently (last night) i seem to have attracted a serious hacker / griefer who has managed to close my sim down on several occasions and effect my grid wide games by doing so over 100 of us sim owners reported this guy to LL and i personaly was in IM's with a Linden employee xxxxxx Linden (i dont want to mention names) , after many many reports there seems that there was very little LL can do this has got serious as the griefer and his alts / friends are asking for 100k to stop this happening (this has all been reported to LL) , yet still today its continueing to happen and once again i am locked out of my sim and my game is at risk we (sim / game) owners need protecting from this , as LL are the main policing force on SL we have to trust in them , but they seem to be not doing anything , i have options of getting together a team of top scriptors and greifers and start attacking back all thier sims and friends , but this is just gonna cause all out war as we creators push the boundries of SL and what we do on here surely LL needs to step up their game and realize that they need to offer better protection for us "Paying" people blackmail is illegal in many countries yet on sl seems to be ok so if there is any other ways of dealing with this i would love to hear them . many thanks Dazza
  9. As a game creator myself i have heard alot of talk about games and the impact they have on SL , for the last 5 years i have been involved with gaming of all aspects what i would like to know is ... what is the most popular TYPE of game (by player count) skill based gambling ? role play (shoot em ups etc)? skill based (non gambling) ? Quest games ? Others ? i have often thought about making community games where communities can compete (in real time , grid wide) against each other i have actualy made a (skill based gambling version of this) , all players from all sims play at exactly the same time against each other as this is a new concept for gaming on SL i feel i can go much further with it and attract more types of audiences (not just the gambling element) any answers are welcome as i am trying to find out what would be worth spending another 9 months on (thats what it took to make a real time full grid game lol) regards Dazza
  10. Hi .. i make games on SL , my multiplayer games can be hosted without playing , in my opinion hosting is a good way to earn L$ , players like to give tips to the hosts and the owners pay (normally a hourly rate) , try searching for gaming places on SL and see if any sims are employing hosts , so long as you are good with people and have a pleasant attitude you will do well regards Dazza
  11. As a game creator on SL i have often thought about making the exact type of game you mentioned , i too think it would be fun to make a fully interactive game where avitars are the playing pieces , i have 2 very big multiplayers out on the grid but as you said there is also a market for just fun interactive games too , i will devote some time to it over the coming months , if you have any suggestions (polite ones lol) then please feel free to IM me Regards Dazza
  12. i am a game creator in SL , the best advice i can give for people that are starting up a gaming establishment is look for commission based games these are good as there is no risk to you , commission based games are Normally Grid wide games where you take a % of all games that are played at your establishment , there are many creators that make these types of games and some of the games are the top 5 played on the grid i will not mention specific games but if you search for "Grid Wide Games" then i am sure you will find a few hope this helps Dazza
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