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  1. Hello! A professional sim builder is required to build our medieval fantasy sim, someone who has experience in building multi platforms that would serve different races as well as a 3D look to the layout of the structures. A few skills are needed to build certain structures that we have not found in marketplace as well. All questions can answered in-world or using discord. Discord info is Rainbow#3841 Looking forward to work with the most creative community within Secondlife!
  2. Ok I have been reading none stop for three days, and I'm sure there is something i'm still missing and my eyes hurt from reading in this forum. Now... After following this thread I managed to have the rigid mesh finally to a decent size to my avatar, however now .. it looks deformed. Scaled the SLAV to 1 i did however try with the model skirt to see if its the model I made that was the problem but no... even when I uploaded the model skirt it was deformed in SL. a little help please? lol my brain is farting alot now.
  3. This is how it looks like after i followed your page and did what you said.... when rezzed in world and when attached
  4. I can't find a step by step on how to do that in 3D max, however the units are in meters..
  5. i figured it out.. but whenever i upload it.. it's tooooo big no matter how much i resize it in world and in 3D max
  6. I have the program 3D max 2012 I followed some tutorials on Rigid Mesh clothing and the skirt moved just fine inside 3D max but when I uploaded and clicking on skin weights and everything it doesn't fit with the avatar it just acts as a normal prim outfit... is there any written tutorials on step by step procedure on how to do this?
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