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  1. If you look into Best Buy and tell them what you want, they'll possibly have something that will work. Laptops with dedicated graphics adapters (not the on board adapters like most of them come with) are pricey though...
  2. And they're considerably more expensive than laptops with integrated video, so it's down to how much one can spend and if they want to spend substantially more just for ONE app.
  3. I hate stupid people just as much as the next guy, but you can't fix stupid.
  4. That's what I use for simple animations and posing! For poses, I make a pose, save it, upload it to SL, but with the following parameters... Priority = 4 Loop= yes Ease in and Ease out = 0 Before you do the final save, make sure your face and hands are as you want them
  5. If you aren't a troll how am I a victim? In this thread you automatically assume the OP has an inferior graphics card. In the other thread "Video card drivers??" your response to the OP was to "Get off the internet" Your answers speak for themselves. I'm leaving you alone, of you have to say awesome things about me in my absence go ahead.
  6. Troll, just like the other thread I had the misfortune to collide with you in.
  7. When I see paranoid statements like that I ask them to provide some form of evidence or stop looking foolish. Otherwise I could release statements with similar mentality: DO NOT USE SAPPHIRE VIEWER! Users of the Sapphire Viewer have reported sensitive information being publicized (IE bank account info, social security numbers, personal documents, why they wash certain parts in the shower so vigorously) and it's all been traced back to a copybot/script hack/Slap Chop circut that steals this information! Source: Lindem Labs Any dink can say they got it from Linden Labs, but how many o
  8. THAT seemed to do the trick! Bonus for the correct answer! Thanks to all who played this round of "What's wrong with SL THIS time?"
  9. Update: I've tried different skins and shapes and the same thing happens. Now I have black marks on my shoulders that show on clothing items as well.
  10. When us nudist colony types do that, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe if we rebaked our textures at 350 for 40 minutes...
  11. @ Tempest- I've stripped down to nothing (others have tried it as well...a veritable nudist colony in the making ) and it's still there. I originally suspected the bald hair bases, but I cycled through about 5 of them, plus the patches on my ankles and neck. @ Baeric- This started while I was using SL viewer. I tried Emerald and got it too. Do you think it's simply the presence of Emerald viewer on my machine? I kinda wondered about that myself... @ Cinnamon- Exactly! the very same description of the most annoying form of the patch!
  12. For some events, I take the prim hair from my avatar, revealing a shiny noggin and what appears to be a section of total see through on my forehead.  I've also seen these patches on my neck, wrists, ankles, even hands.  I've had a few friends tell me they have similar issues.  It's not solely my machine, people around me see the patches of invisibility on me as well.  I've tried reducing graphic quality, rebaking character textures, removing the "hardware skinning" checkmark", and plain old relogging, but the patches are still on me.  Before anyone starts accusing my g
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