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  1. After searching, I realized that I haven't seen anyone else with this problem. Basically most of my old and new marketplace items will not load in my general inventory. Even new things that I bought on the marketplace (since this issue) appear, but when I log out they disappear. I currently use FireStorm but I also tried to get my inventory to load on the official viewer with no success. What is odd, is on the Marketplace tab (Firestorm) or received items tab (Official viewer) I find all the items. But as I said, they will not show up in search, or anywhere in my inventory. Even when I
  2. Just an update here. After fighting with my AO for way too long and talking with others, I finally sucked it up and went the old school way with an AO hud and notecard. I haven't had any problems since. Maybe it is a firestorm issue afterall. Thank you for the advice and trying to help everyone! <3
  3. I tried resetting AO and no luck It isn't lag. My internet is good as usual and I normally don't have lag issues unless there are a trillion people together. Also firestorm is updated. I think the clue is that it is playing like 5 animations according to how many where stopped. I also checked stoping animations when AO is off and it seems to be only when my AO is on.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm not use of these forums so I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong location. I am having a strange issue with lingering animations playing. For example if I turn and then stand my turning animation stays on. If I fly then stand.... my flying animation will stay on. If I walk and then stop to stand... I will walk in place. What is strange is that I see the right animation there for a second and it goes to the pervious animation. The only way I can get it to stop is with stop animations and it tells me that it stops between 4-5 animations... which is strange. I would
  5. When I log on sl without fail I can tp anywhere I want at least once. After that I can't tp anywhere not even to my home where there is no lag. I wait for it and it doesn't "fail" or "Crash" it does the whole, "You are now offline would you like to quit or read IMs" thing. It is so annoying... I can't even play. It's been like this for ever. I am using the newest phoenix viewer. I have tried the SL viewer and I lag so hard I can't even move lol. I've been playing SL for almost 2 years now and never had this problem. btw I checked my firewall - fine Inte
  6. My avatar its only 5"4 my height in rl. I'm not playing a teen and I'm over 18. Sometimes I look way too short but hey its sl and I like being short. A lot of avatars are just to big but its the fad to be pretty and tall like a model
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