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  1. Gina, the problem is that redzone is not a reliable tool at detecting alts. You could be banning innocent people as well as potential customers. As for myself and my friends ant etc, we will never step foot near your businesses now that you are a known redzone user. Thanks
  2. I'm too scared to open up music anywhere due to the portable redzone hud.
  3. Clarissa, that is pretty much what redzone is for
  4. Thank you TC. Logging in again now.
  5. So now the question is........... to AR or not to AR. What good would it do? Do two wrongs make a right? Is it wrong of me to AR her? I informed the landlord that she was in violation of the TOS. She did not seen to be aware of it and agreed that I was probably "right" in my statement that she was in violation of the TOS. In the real world, not being aware of the law does not make you innocent and in this case it appears that the same is true about this issue. I have a enough evidence to file a valid AR. She admits that she planted those scripts and was in fact listening in on me. I j
  6. I am already looking for a new place As much as I love living there and as much as it hurts knowing that what I considered a friend is a spy, well..... time to move on I guess
  7. Thank you both for the quick response and great information. I deleted the scripts already which caused them to be returned to the landlord so right away they knew they knew something was up, then I messaged them and asked them what was up. They admitted putting up the scripts. AR'ing them would serve no purpose unless it is to protect future tenants. I really really like living there so moving is undesireable but I also feel quite violated by these scripts. Up till now I have trusted this person as a landlord and as a friend. She is not a big mega sim realtor but she is not small time
  8. Hi, I've been renting from this landlord for a number of months now and for the most part have been extremely happy living at this place n the mainland. However, this morning I was extremely upset to discover a chat relay script on each of the parcels I rent from this person. I confronted the landlord in a nice manner and they did not deny placing the scripts on the two parcels. Her story is fishy though. First they said it was an old script, then a bit later they said it was something they had placed there within the past 24 hours. I thought spy scripts or bots were against the TOS.  I g
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