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  1. Just a regular full sim for sale, 15000 prims, etc. Tier is due on the 6th. Please IM me and make an offer if interested, thank you.
  2. Full sim for sale. USD 250, transfer fee included, tier due on the 6th. IM me in world if interested, thanks.
  3. Please IM me with the due date and price wanted. Thanks.
  4. It depends on where I am too. There is this house which looks pretty regular but for some reason whenever I have it in my view my fps drops to like 2-3 fps. If I turn shadow, AF, and AA off, I get like close to 10 fps. Higher fps when I turn graphics down from ultra to high. Anyway 560 Ti is already pretty powerful, a 680 is the best out there right now and it's like 35% faster but not really all that significant. A GTX 670 is very close to a 680, a lot of overclocked versions are faster than a standard version 680.
  5. I am using a GTX 560 Ti, on 1280x1024 with max everything + shadows and 8xAA I get around maybe 40 fps on average. 680 is the fastest single GPU right now and probably the best card for SL out there.
  6. A Corsair 750W is one of the best power supplies out there for gaming rigs and it has plenty enough to power 2xSLI. On GeForce website it lists Second Life as SLI enabled. Maybe Second life just doesn't work well with anything other than single GPU cards. The chances are if SLI doesn't work for it, then 590 won't either. In reality though what are you doing in SL that requires more than 200+ fps???
  7. SLI is always better than dual-GPU. Like, SLI 2x580 is better than 590, and SLI 2x680 is better than 690, this is because the 590 and the 690 are downclocked some so they don't melt. More so in the case of 590. But the 600 series uses 28nm fab so the GPUs don't use as much power, thus the 690 is downclocked only a little bit. I am not sure why your SLI doesn't work, maybe SL can only use a single GPU and can't take advantage of SLI or dual GPU at all. I remember reading something about disabling VBO under graphics preferences but not sure if that would make any difference.
  8. Btw 590 is dual GPU, it's as fast as a 580 for running a single SL. It's like a 2x SLI 580.
  9. Yeah I know TessMark, but I am not sure if the result of TessMark matters because I don't think SL is OpenGL 4.2. I've always used FurMark for my OpenGL tests.
  10. The 580 should be significantly faster than your 460 in both DirectX and OpenGL performance. Since the 600s are out, Nvidia drivers will only be holding the new 600s back in OpenGL performance, so 580 and 590 will probably be the fastest cards around right now for SL.
  11. Don't upgrade, especially not to the 600 series. What are you getting from FurMark?
  12. There are OpenGL benchmark software out there that are free to download. Just google. No you cannot use the Quadro drivers for consumer grade cards. Yes there are supposedly driver hacks but I haven't found any that works. Also whatever you do, don't get the new Nvidia 600 series. They are better than AMD/ATI cards in DirectX games, finally, but are capped in OpenGL performance even more so than the 400s and 500s. Even the 400s is better for OpenGL than the 600s, and 400s have been known to have OpenGL performance issues. I might have to go with ATI from now on just for SL, even though ATI cards suck at tasks like video conversion compared to Nvidia cards.
  13. It's old news that Nvidia is better in OpenGL than ATI. In fact Nvidia's new drivers have crippled the 400 and 500 series so much in OpenGL that the much older 8000 and 200 series outperforms them consistently. The 400 and 500 series OpenGL performance level are more like the old 6000 series now. This is done on purpose so Nvidia can sell more professional line cards, which have basically the same hardware but drivers that are "optimized" for OpenGL, ie, not-crippling.
  14. I am not sure what's changed, but as of the latest version of SLviewer (v3.1.0), I can get it to run without setting compatibility mode, however it fails to login and gives me this "Login failed" error which could have something to do with firewall setup, I dunno yet. I will have to check into this.
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