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  1. Has Linden labs taken into consideration that there are many Basic users that spend more than premium members do in a day, verses their monthly fee? Basic users that spend that much should get the same privileges when that is the case.
  2. How do you link them to a single root prim 100 + meters away. Look at Landscapes Unlimited products. he has his partial sim surrounds quite a distance away from the root prim.
  3. I was curious how you make them as well. I've asked the creators on the ones on the market and they won't share that knowledge. And it isn't as simple as a root prim needs to be on the sim. there is the linking distance limitation. These sim surround makers, i see ONE root prim on the sim, then the distant sim surround 200 meters away. Plus isnt there a size limitation on uploading mesh? like 64x64x64? I see most of these surrounds quit a bit larger than that.
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