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  1. Thanks everyone! The walk adjusted itself when I changed the camera view in the debug menu. Today I dont see the hula-hoop (maybe because I made it invisible:matte-motes-tongue:) Must say that I like this viewer So thanks again:matte-motes-smile: Nefari
  2. Yeah, probably.... Maybe someone will answer anyhow:matte-motes-tongue: Phoenix are a bit popular so maybe...
  3. Hello everybody:matte-motes-smile: Checking out the Firestorm viewer. Seems cool, but some things are strange... First, I walk backwards...kinda.. When I press arrow up, I walk towards the camera. And when I press arrow down I walk away...a bit strange I think... Second, I see the bridge. Cant say that I understand what a bridge is, but I guess its important. Its a circle, like a small hula hoop on my behind. I made it transparent so it doesnt bother me, but still a bit strange... In Phoenix, you could adjust the height and position on the avatar on the XYZ axis. Is this still possible? Have
  4. I am very clean now...:matte-motes-smile: Jah love Nefari
  5. Thats excellent!! Thank you very much!:matte-motes-smile: Nefari
  6. Wow, thanks again...never thought of that, even though I have adjusted my eyebrows several times... The slow motion feature I know about...its kinda handy when you try to catch some nice pose thats is in a long sequence of an animation...Your tip of using it is clever. Didnt think about it... You are all very helpful, and I am very grateful. Thanks again all. Now its off to adjust some eyebrows:matte-motes-smile: Nefari
  7. Thanks Didnt know there were 3-4 combinations HUD´s. The one I have combines 2. I´ll check it out. See you on the other side... Nefari
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply. *sigh* Then its just waiting for LL and the development of the viewers then. Bummer.... Well well:matte-motes-smile: Thanks again Nefari
  9. Hi all! Been looking for a facial expressions HUD that doesnt use the same expressions like all the others, you know smile, open mouth, disdain, shrug, etc. I have all of those and a combiner tool. Arent there any newer ones? All look very cartoony and kinda silly. Looked on Marketplace and inworld but there seems that there are no others around. So if you know of some facial expressions HUD that uses more subtle expressions, direct me to it please. If you are a skilled creator, make a new and better one.:matte-motes-smile: I would buy it, and I think that there is a market for it. Bye
  10. Thanks to both of you. I think you nailed it, even though it sorted itself out . I got Ruthed and in the process of getting my old self back I had to use the "girl next door" avatar. And guess? She didnt slide! I had a jump tool on me, that I had forgotten to take off. Probably been wearing it for months... Thanks for your time and answers both of you. You are both smarter then me:matte-motes-smile: See you on the other side:matte-motes-smile: Nefari
  11. Hi everyone! I have a problem that I noticed some time ago. I slide downhill, even at the smallest elevation. Standing on the beach? I slowly slide down into the water. Coming to a small, small elevation on a road? As soon as I stop, I start to slide down. Standing on a small grassy hill? I must stand on the top, otherwise I slide down. Have compared with friends. They don't slide. I have turned of and detached my AO...doesnt matter...I still slowly slide down at all elevations. Does anyone here know why? Is it my computer that is playing games with me or have I messed up some setting by mis
  12. Hi all. First...the layout of this forum is very hard to navigate in, so if there is a thread about this topic that I cant find, I am very sorry. Well the news from FJ Linden that it will be possible to buy Lindens in your local currency, and that will make it cheaper isnt true. To buy Linden dollars in your local currency, in my case swdish kronas, instead of paying it in US dollars, will make it more expensive for you. Example from yesterday: 3000 Linden dollars when paying in local currency = 76,9 kronas 3000 Linden dollars when paying in U
  13. Hello everyone. Sorry if I kinda high jacks this thread, but I dont know how to create one of my own. Belive me I have tried...actually Ive been looking around for 30-40 minutes for something that looks like "create new thread", but cant find it...I must be stupid or something.... Well I cant buy Lindens anymore...I usually just click buy, writes the amount and violá...money to spend. Not now...I got directed to a cashier thing, that said it was a security failure... So I checked my billing information....it had changed from my VISA number to a Mastercard thing, "mastercard ending with 35
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