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  1. I hear you Irritums...and there are a lot of pre-ejaculator's out there both male and female so you should be set. I am not being judgemental...I am simply saying that you shouldn't rule taking time to get to know people, if you are looking for a long term relationship whether it is platonic or romantic. I agree with you, that you should know your limitations, which I am sure you are honest and forthright about. That is totally cool. However I have known people whom partner over and over again after knowing someone for a hot minute and wondering why it doesn't work out, why they can't find true love...why the can't find that someone special in SL. Basically this post isn't targeted towards you.
  2. Oi...relationships in Second Life. Everyone has dealt with their own special brand of malarkey when dealing with romantic entanglements in world. So I thought why not discuss it. Let us begin with what I like to call Premature Ejaculation syndrome. You know what I am talking about...and if you don't here is the rub. Pre Ejaculation can be engaged with by both men and women. It is the act of knowing someone in SL but acting like you have built up the trust and respect that isn't possible in a week or two. For some of you people we are talking hours. Is someone shady if they don't want to jump your pixel bones, partner with you, webcam with you, voice with you, send RL pictures to you, or have a prim baby with you, when you literally met two seconds ago. NO! Now I am not saying that people don't meet and there isn't instant chemistry, we have all heard the stories, but the likelihood that that is happening to you in this moment...is minimal. STOP RUSHING To be honest if someone is giving you their time, which is precious and they aren't leaving you hanging via im silence... they are worthwhile in my book at least as friend potential. Don't cry because they are engaging in conversation with you but aren't racing alongside you to the altar. You should view this as someone who is making the effort to... GET TO KNOW YOU. You know you, the fabulous person behind your av. Help them with building a foundation, don't just try to go at them with a backhoe, lay that cement. When you take time and put the required energy in to getting to know someone, then you are more empowered and more informed to make a decision regarding if this is the right person for you to be in a relationship. Yes...people can have the hottest av's, everyone...well most people can be charismatic or charming for a few hours, but if you are really looking for a long term relationship be it platonic or romantic, take the time to figure out if this person and you have enough in common to make it happen. In SL, it can be even more difficult than in life to make that assessment, because you don't really get a glimpse at the three dimensionality of the other person. You don't know what is going on in their life, what Second Life means to them; you don't see their facial expressions. So yes, people get hurt, but dating in life isn't fair so why should SL be any different. You are in this because you are a romantic, or because you believe that you can find someone who you can share your SL with. Typically taking the time to get know someone, involves listening to them as well as seeing their actions. If someone is all, 'I love spending time with you', but often leaves you hanging whilst IM'ing, or backs out of "dates", and hasn't given you a rl reason for their behavior, then you have to question if their 'I love spending time with you' means the same as your 'I love spending time with you'. When you walk around constantly talking about how you want to be in a relationship to every potential love interest you meet, you are literally placing a relationship wanted sign above your head...flashing glaringly and blinding people. Don't approach every person you meet with the expectation that THIS COULD BE THE ONE. Open your heart, but remove the pressure. There are an astronomical number of people logging into sl everyday...your special person will come, but don't squash potential suitors/mates because you have relationship ADD. Which is better, cumming quickly on your leg, or having a whole night of passion? I rest my case. Does anyone else feel the same way I do?
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