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  1. Unfortunately it is true about some people braging about high poly count and before that it was high prim count braging. 20k - 30k poly for hair is much too high in my opinion. Here is an example of hair that comes out at about 8k done with poly only and not started from nurbs. As you can see it is smooth enough and the poly count could be even lower in some places. Here is a rendered view.
  2. Thanks Darrius, llEscapeURL() solved the problem. This was really driving me nuts. I kinda was thinking that "%20" needed to replace the space but was not quite sure. This was not happening on any Marketplace transactions just stuff sent via LSL from SL.
  3. Anyone know how to keep the spaces when sending from LSL to the PHP? For example, using the LSL test script from above the names "Super New Product" gets changed to "SuperNewProduct" "Betty Boop" changed to "BettyBoop" etc...
  4. Yeah Innula Zenovka wrote: Raster Teazle wrote: I think he should offer it to 3rd party viewers only unless LL pays him to add it to the official viewer. Since the funds were collected on the basis that The code and any resulting user client would be available under the snowstorm open source codebase for Second Life to anyone who wished to use it. Generally, this code is used for the development of third party viewers. When completed, this code would be public domain, available to those residents of second life who are either software developers, creators or consumers of mesh clothing and attachments. It is our hope that the developers of Second Life will adopt this code to include it into the official client releases as well. I think that would constitute fraud, wouldn't it? Yeah, your right. It just bothers me that LL cut ties with such a talented person who ironicly is going to be working on the very thing that they might have had him work on already had he still been on LL payroll. A person that gave us Sculpties and was already involved in the mesh project before being pushed out the door.
  5. @Mikki Miles That was directied at Maelstrom Janus. (Tip: Read above post where it says "Reply to")
  6. Ah, Hello! All costs are already passed on to SL users. That's kinda how a business is run.
  7. I think he should offer it to 3rd party viewers only unless LL pays him to add it to the official viewer.
  8. Goal has been reach for work to be done by "He Who Shall Not Be Named". This is gonna be interesting.
  9. Check here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetDisplayName See examples.
  10. I believe the issue was this but it no longer shows up on JIRA: Request for Rigged Mesh Parametric Deformer Key: CTS-693 URL: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CTS-693 This is a request for a parametric deformation feature for rigged mesh items. In producing rigged items such as full avatars, partial body parts or clothing items, once an item is uploaded and worn there is currently no way to adjust the item for the many variations in a persons existing shape. The ability to personalize an avatar is one of the primary psychological keys to creating a virtual identity. Currently rigged mesh items do not allow for viable customization, limiting both usability and marketability for what is clearly the largest economic market in SL. If a pair of pants or a jacket (made of mesh) are worn, they do not conform to any avatar shape, changing even from the shape defined by using the default mesh avatar object to create them; when uploaded and worn, they do not retain the original shape as they should, but are considerably scaled, making it extremely difficult to match to even one existing shape, let alone the many variations possible. A rigged mesh parametric deformer is essentially a cagee-type system which automatically adjusts an item, scaling it to a predefined boundary outside of the existing avatar mesh polygons, regardless of the items polygonal shape, layout or UV map. In practical application, it appears to "shrink-wrap" your item to conform to an avatar. It also provides and opportunity to implement a layering system so that, for example, an item placed in a lower layer would appear slightly under (and remain under) and item placed in a higher layer. This hierarchy allows for a shirt to go over a pair of pants, and prevents the pants from showing through the shirt item, while both items still conform to the existing avatar mesh shape. Additionally, this type of parametric deformer layering system would allow a resident to wear an avatar shape, and then wear items or clothing from another provider on that mesh avatar, yet again extending the capabilities of all rigged mesh items by allowing them to be used together regardless of your original shape and where your acquired those items; they would still work together effectively. This problem is identical to the mesh item attachment issues encountered in early versions of the BlueMars virtual platform, which were very effectively resolved with the introduction of a layered deformer system as mentioned above. The introduction of that system eliminated the scaling/sizing problem and eliminated the need for rigging, thus opening up the platform for a creators to market a wide variety of items that could be used together with no limitations to existing size and shape of the avatars. This request is similar in some ways to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CTS-452 , yet different in many ways. And the added suggestion from DanielRavenNest above. 
  11. Thank you Daniel! That solved the problem.
  12. Is anyone able to upload mesh to Aditi or is this a common problem for everyone? I get a warning that I'm not allowed but I have passed the IP test, have Payment info on file and can upload mesh to Agni. @Charlar, is this still being worked on?
  13. I pass the test but can't upload to Aditi either. Are we suppose to wait 24 hours or something?
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