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  1. Cheerno is my fave male clothing.. I think they have everything there <3
  2. My fave would be Bellballs by Viollete Vyper.. Klik here to see her latest collections!
  3. :catembarrassed:I went to Epoch legend and Avenue Mix+Mesh almost everyday.. I could find lots of spring-theme items on both venue.. And oh.. this season I just cant live without my colorful heels from Nardcotix.. :catembarrassed:
  4. My fave makeup store would be La Malvada Mujer(eyeshadows), Baiastice (I cant live without her blush-on), blackliquid (Lipgloss!) and !nona(eyeliner). I've been using them in many of my looks and i just can't live without my makeups..
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