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  1. I own a 4096 sq.m.of land. It is Mainland. I wanted to remove the option of residents creating landmarks to my land. I know that this can be done under the options tab, but for some reason it does not remain unchecked. In a weeks time, I have to always uncheck the Create Landmarks option. As if some type of default is resetting my choice. Can someone provide some feedback to this issue, a possible solution? Thank you so much.
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    Hello, can anyone tell me if my personal land options are reset when the region I have my home on is restarted? I had set the land options of my property to not allow landmarks, by unchecking the box. But when I logged on today I found that that box was checked thus allowing anyone to landmark my land.
  3. Hi, does anyone know what is the next general size of land after 4096 sq.m.?
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