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  1. If you have emptied the Trash folder, I'm afraid everything that was in it has been lost. If the Trash folder still has stuff in it, you can put it back in your inventory by highlighting items and clicking RESTORE. This will dump items in your inventory either in the Objects folder, or straight in the top level (if you have are restoring folders) and you can then reorganise from there. I once accidentally deleted a folder called "Boots" - yes, even emptied the Trash too - which I thought contained a cheap pair of boots I didn't like, and instead deleted every single pair of boots in my inventory! It's easily done, but still very irritating.
  2. When you say he sends you "texts" I assume you mean messages within SL? If he has any other means of contacting you, well, your relationship has already "gone to RL" and clearly that is not enough for him. My advice? Tell him he is too demanding, and that he already knows that your RL must always come first. And then, if he still behaves like this, I suggest you run fast and far, because it isn't going to get any better. A moody jealous loner is not someone I imagine will take such requests well. If you have already laid out the ground rules - RL is the priority, family comes first, SL is a social distraction - and he won't accept them after all that time (4 years!), I suspect he is not going to modify his franky creepy behaviour for you.
  3. Have you tried any different skins? It might just be that the skin you are using has some badly-done shading on the stomach which is giving the effect you describe. Pick up some free skins or demos at a few stores and see if the problem goes away before you buy any mesh stuff.
  4. Hi Maelyanne, welcome back to SL. I agree with the earlier suggestions. I looked you up in-world and was surprised that you don't even have a profile photo to show everyone the kind of av you can create. I would suggest that you take a few nice pics of yourself in a variety of styles - different av looks, whatever you think you're best at - and put them in your Picks with some information about what you can offer as a personal stylist. At the moment, there's nothing in your SL profile to give anyone a clue about what you want to provide! If you're serious about creating a buzz, you need to populate your profile. Good luck.
  5. Escort business not as lucrative as you thought?
  6. Aethelwine, I was doing a search in womens clothing, specifically "Costumes" - if you order them in New>Old ranking, these listings pop up on the first page. Marketplace listings There are a variety of different sellers, some of which have active (but blank) inworld profiles, some are clearly just throwaway accounts with no inworld profile at all.
  7. While you're doing that, I'll wait to see if anyone else has noticed this issue. If it is an issue, and not just a one-off. .
  8. Has anyone else noticed the number of listings on the MarketPlace which are clearly nothing to do with SL? The last few times I have searched for specific items, Search has turned up loads of listings which consist of RL photos (probably stolen from a catalogue or genuine sales site elsewhere) and YouTube links, all posted by a variety of throwaway av accounts. I've reported a few of the ones I've seen, but I was wondering if I've just been unlucky with my search terms, or if this is becoming a New Big Thing?
  9. Yep, I sometimes get this problem. System feet, mesh feet, prim shoes, mesh shoes; any combination of those can leave me with shoes halfway up my shins, which other people see correctly. Weird. I've found the only solution is to relog, and then my shoes look correct to me.
  10. As everyone else has said, you need to buy a set of add-on breasts to wear in order to look like the picture in the MP advert. I think the seller has been a bit crafty having the big boobs making such a feature on the pictures, and not making it clear that they are a separate (and expensive) requirement. Edited to add: looking at the OP's original advert more closely, the av in the pictures is wearing a mesh ass too, so basically all you're getting is the face, and a shape set up to fit the mesh boob- and ass- wearing defaults. Sadly, this is not uncommon, I have encountered a fair few people in-world who want to have big boobs, and have spent money on shapes and "complete avatars" which don't include add-on boobs, and the advertising or store display didn't explain that to them.
  11. Hi Annie I suggest you join the in-world group Big Boobie Babe Freebies (or similar title!) It's a really helpful group, and lots of designers/creators chat regularly. If anyone has a list, they will.
  12. Welcome back. It sounds as though you've got one of the new "improved" mesh avatars. If you look in your Library folder in your inventory, there are a load of the older classic style avatars. Replace your mesh av with one of the classic ones, and you should be able to see your skin demo when you wear it, and make changes to your shape. It's a dreadful first impression for people new to SL, I think.
  13. Welcome to SL. There are so many stores here that to ask where you can find a specific look will result in a slew of suggestions, all of which will inevitably be based on another person's preferences. If you want to create a unique look, I suggest you assemble it from all over the place, and that way you can tweak it till it's exactly what you want. I think the Marketplace is your best bet to start with. You probably haven't found anything yet because you haven't quite got the hang of the search function, which takes a bit of getting used to. I'd start with the eyes, because there might be a slightly smaller number of items to plough through. If you type "green eyes" into the search bar, and then narrow down the category to Avatar Appearance, or Avatar Accessory, or something similar, and then sort by Price, Low to High, it should show you everything that meets those search terms in ascending price order. Yes, there will be loads, but you can at least start to see what is available, and make a few choices. Pick up the Demo items if they're free and try them on. The eyebrow shape thing is going to be dictated by several variables: 1 - Your skin, which may have eyebrows already "painted" on, 2 - Your bald base, which is a widget you wear to hide the system hair that the av comes with automatically 3 - A makeup tattoo which you can add to change your brows completely. To pick up a skin you like, again, search using relevant terms like "Pale skin" or whatever; you can pick up demos and try them on and see what seems to work for you. Decent skins aren't usually cheap, but some designers offer free ones to avatars under a certain age (30 days, for example) so it's worth looking for those. You will also be able to edit your shape to make it taller, shorter, fatter, thinner etc, so take a copy of the one you are currently wearing, and then edit away till you find a look you like. Remember that the skin you wear will have a big impact on the way your face looks. Hair is HUGE in terms of what's available in SL. If you see someone wearing a style you like, ask them where they got it. People (in general) like to be complimented on their look, and are sometimes happy to share their style secrets. And if they aren't, well, you can ask someone else. Good luck.
  14. I did. Realised he was someone with far too much time on his hands who enjoys posting endlessly on various gaming forums, and decided to abstain from offering any input to his threads in future. Except for this one, now, obviously.
  15. Nope. I don't see why I have to verify anything about myself to a random Internet stranger. I've chatted in voice with friends, which is a very different thing. My choice. My decision. (and theirs of course!) Anyone who tries to coerce you to use voice to "prove" anything is either an insecure drama queen, or a power player. Or a mentalist. Block, move on.
  16. Oh Lordy. I was posting because I thought I might be able to offer you some help for your multiple SL problems. I guess that's why all the other people who've been posting in reply to your many, many questions have been. You've made it very clear that you're either too stupid or too lazy to follow the suggestions that you've been given. You've been telling us all about your "family" and their financial circumstances. From the previous stuff you've posted, I have no idea if you're talking about your RL family, or a group you've joined in SL. That's what I don't care about. I love SL, and have done for many years. Because of the fun it's given me, I wanted to try and help a new member of the SL community. I've now decided not to bother with that (on the forums anyway) because it is intensely irritating to be engaged with your refusal to take heed of anyone's advice. I hope you eventually work out how to do whatever it is you intend to do in SL.
  17. If you have no payment information on your account, then you can't buy any $L. Did you look at your account balance to see if there is a sudden extra 10'000$L there. Please PLEASE stop these inane questions and READ or WATCH some tutorials.
  18. Again: look at some of the tutorials on SL. Google stuff if you don't want to follow the links other people have shown you. Please, try to learn about these things BEFORE you click the Accept button in SL. People have been really helpful and to be honest, I'm starting to wonder why when you seem to have no willingness to learn from them.
  19. Oh for heavens sake. How about you do what about a dozen people have already suggested, and you spend some time looking at all the tutorials that are available , rather than giving the Forum this seemingly endless stream of consciousness about all the things you don't understand? Do you have payment info on file? If YES, then you've probably bought 10',000 $L, which presumably is what you intended when you typed 10'000 and clicked BUY. If NO, then all you've done is half-fill-in the buying form and then rushed here to tell everyone.
  20. Your post made little sense. Assuming you're talking about Linden Dollars when you say "lin" then what you need to do is exactly what you've been told, and THEN (concentrate for this bit) use the Internet to see what the current exchange rate is between US Dollars and Canadian Dollars.
  21. Well the FIRST thing you do is contact the creator and explain what happened. Why assume they won't help you? That's very negative, and in my experience most creators are only too happy to help people fix their purchases, especially when you're new. Try being proactive and positive, and see how that works out for you. If (IF!) they refuse to help, then you might be able to get some help in the forums.
  22. Oh good. Another petulant demand from someone who feels they should be gratified in their every SL whim. I generally ignore these threads, but this phrase really caught my eye: Seriously, if i wanna belong to 100 groups then why can't I???? Seriously, D1D12266, because the system won't let you. If you don't like that, perhaps you could set up your own virtual world with unlimited group slots. Now please stop whining.
  23. Hello - yes, thanks! I do have a few outfits with links, but because I use a fair few mesh body parts I tend to tweak all the attachments like shoes and so on, and I wear lots of different skins, so it's simpler just to copy and mod the items for each look.
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