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  1. Okay I guess this have been beaten to death but... When display names is on, very often names are still appearing as "??? (loading)". What is funny is that even user names don't load correctly when display names is on, while they do when it's off (and this is just unbelievable from a former software developper point of view ). There's always the "turn-off then turn-on" trick that works well to fix it, but it's still annoying. So, is LL going to do something to fix display names or not ?
  2. Nice start Rod, but you really need an ao
  3. Thank you for the external editor support!!! That's a great feature. Good job guys! Edit: OMG I can mute group chat pop-ups too. YAY!!!
  4. A. Do the happy dance and go on a shopping spree. B. IM them and ask, "WTF? You game me money?" C. Return the money assumming it was a mistake. D. Ask what you should do in the forums. E. All of the above. F. Give it to me ^_ ^
  5. OMG the picture...ROFL P.S. The persistent typing animation shouldn't be a viewer problem. I had the same problem with my AO since LL corrected a bug in some LSL function. Just remove the typing animation from your AO.
  6. Another idea: do not allow a dot in the login username. I think that usernames in the form firstname.lastname should be a privilege reserved to pre display names residents, who are now attached to theirs last names http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23043
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