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  1. 3 days ago I bought a laptop, new, with an R9 M385X card. On initial launch of SL (Firestorm - most recent build), and after enabling Advanced Lighting, I had the weird pixelated line, exactly the same as in the JIRA. I did notice that the line DID NOT render in snapshots, which was odd, but made me less angry, as I do a lot of photography. The next day, I launched SL (Firestorm) again and received a message - "Your graphics settings have been changed, Firestorm has recognized your graphics device has been changed from ATI Radeon R7 to ATI Radeon R9" I turned on advanced lighting - no line. I turned on shadows - no line. No line anymore on any setting..what? So - why did this happen? The only thing I've changed between the two instances of SL, was an issue I was having with Windows 10 background updater (BITS) - it was stopped, and I got it running again. This may have nothing to do with it, but it may be possible a driver updated? Did AMD address the issue? I have no idea. But, I did want to share my experience with this issue. I hope maybe this information helps.
  2. Brenden Nandahar He'll stay for an hour if I leave him alone - when I TP to him, he leaves after a few minutes. Always at around 3000m up, never moves. It's killing me, I wanna know this poor guys purpose. He's pretty depressing, just sitting there. And he insists on visiting several times a day.
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