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  1. Its frustrating that the same MacBookPro works differently at 2 different locations
  2. sorry Im late to this, but I updated to mojave a month ago, since then on my home ISP, SL stopped seeing the driver for my Space Navigator 3D mouse. With it plugged in, theres no option for it in Preferences / Movement. Yet, logging in to SL from a different ISP, on my same macbookpro, SL sees the driver and option is available. Linden Lab is No help. This happened when I upgraded my macbookpro to mojave. The ISP that allows SL to see the driver has has a download speed of 210Mbps and upload of 37Mbps. My home ISP just has speeds of 117Mbps and 11.6Mbps. Can this be the answer? You a
  3. My sim too gets several Brendens daily and weekly. The Natalyas have slowed down. They all have May 2009 rez dates. I have no idea what they want or are scripted to do. But like others have stated, I pay for my sim, I have tenants that pay tier, I have the right to not have mysterious scripted objects rez on my sim. I'm very happy that this thread is here. Thank you to everyone who is looking into this. I have little faith in Linden Lab doing anything. I keep a list of Bots that have rezzed on my sim, if anyone would like to share any info, please contact me inworld. Thank you.
  4. I was beginning to think its a viewer issue too. Thank you, I will start working on my cleaning my inventory. I own a tropicial sim that I created, so you can only imagine the size of my inventory, But I will start deleting and cleaning. Thank you again
  5. Beautiful landscaped tropical island with limited residences has 2 available very private lots for rent. Island residents have use of all Island amentities; Dancefloor, lounges, beaches, pool, Greenhouse even a Chapel. Island has waterfalls, rainforest and just added, a hilltop mesh forest with pond and nice 'cuddle' sits to enjoy. Lot 7 is a corner parcel on the south west corner of the island with sunset views. Lot 8 is on south coast with a beautiful beach and next to one of the 3 island waterfalls. Right click signs on each property for NC with info. IM me with any questions. http://slurl.
  6. Naiman Broom of Las Islas has called my full sim, Matanzas, a deluxe island. There are 2 very private oceanfront lots for rent. 1 is a Southwest corner lot with gorgeous sunset views. The other is next to one of the 3 Island waterfalls. My island has appeared on 2 SL TV shows, several machinimas, blogs and fashion shoots. The island has limited residences and many amenties for island residences. Beaches, a Dancefloor for residents to use for parties, lounges, rainforest, greenhouse, even a chapel. And the newest addition, a hilltop forest with nice cuddle sits for island residents to enjoy. Al
  7. Im using the SLv3 Viewer. I did a total clean reinstall and removed all 3rd party viewers thing it may be a cache leak. But I'm still having the problem. As of today, I'm waiting for a response from LL since they moved my sim and thought that would solve the problem. (It hasnt)
  8. I've been getting this message now for 2 weeks since the last Main Channel Rolling Restart. I am on a Mac too. At first I thought it was me, my FPS became horrible, nothing rezzed, and I crashed constantly. I boosted my bandwidth, upgraded my cable modem, and doubled my RAM. -Before the SL Rolling Restart, I had no issues at all! Now I get the We are Sorry message all the time. I too use the same fix, TP to another sim, change my outfit and TP home. But I must say my sim ping is worse and FPS is not good. I contacted LL and they could not duplicate my problem, But did have issues of their own,
  9. I have been stuck as a cloud, and many people I know have also, this simple solution helped me and also helped them too. Sometimes with SLv2.x there is a database issue when rezzing. The server becomes confused over an attachment or article of clothing. While it waits for direction on which item is the one to rez, your avatar is stuck in the cloud state not rezzing into SL. Here is the simple solution that has helped me and many others, -while attempting to rez, remove all attachments and clothes that your clouded avatar is wearing. Once you remove the confusing item, the server will then proc
  10. I have had this issue and know many who have had this too. Most of the time it is the server confused over multiple attachments or clothes for your avatar. While it tries to decide what attachment or item to attach, you stay in a cloud state. This is what I have done, and advised others,-Attempt to Rez at your home (preferably), while in the cloud state, remove all attachments and Clothes you are wearing, this will free the server to rez your avatar. Then get dressed! I hope this helps.
  11. I have had this problem also, and so have many others, Using SLv2.x it appears to be an issue with the server being confused over an item of clothes or attachment for your avatar. I have found the easiest fix, is to attempt to rez (preferably at your home) and while trying to rez, -Remove all attachments and clothes. Your Avatar will then rez quickly, since the confusing attachment or clothing item has been removed. Then Get dressed! -I hope this helps.
  12. Several avi's, myself and others have noticed when installing Phoenix .908 Viewer when running SLv2.5, -SL and RL Profile pics and About Info is wiped from your Profile. After re-entering Pics and About copy, everything stays normal
  13. Live on a deluxe tropical island, with secluded private limited residences. Island is created as a resort community for Island residents, with use of entire sim. Features to enjoy are Waterfalls, Dance floor area, lounge, many public beaches and even a Rainforest! Island has been featured on 2 SL TV shows, and many Machinimas! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjWYtUJw7VQ&feature=PlayList&p=23536D91F2DBFFDF&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=7 This Rental is Lot 6 on the lagoon with your own beach and ocean views. There is an optional Island home on the property, offered for us
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