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  1. As I'm having a giggle at your command of the English language. "Yours SOL". hehe
  2. I did both AR and ticket. As for the other remarks, I said I joined a group that said for that amount of lindens I would get access to a website link. The person who created that group is no longer on SL. That is what I wanted resolved basically. I know those lindens are gone. I would like to know what happened to them. They could at least trouble themselves to tell me to FOAD. Once more hopefully this time it will penetrate. The resident is not someone I can contact in hopes of resolving it.They aren't on sl anymore. Hell they probably wised up and moved to inworldz. ha
  3. Actually Innula, even that is something we can do ourselves. However, it is on the advanced menu. They need to move it to preferences. Currently the fix is to go to the trouble of creating an alt, and committing mischief on the ghosted avatar. Lovely. Maybe this is why they allow all the griefing tools. The area in which I believe LL needs to do a better job of assisting us is with Linden issues. Our money is our trust, frankly. When we cant get money issues resolved, other playgrounds start looking more appealing. I went to inworldz for a while because I was so pissed over a linden issue that I sent a ticket on two months ago. I sent another in Sept, and one first of Oct. I get the autoresponder email and that is IT. While I'm at it, let me share with with you guys to hopefully prevent it happening to one of you. I found a group that sounded appealing to me, and they required a fee to join which I paid. The group charter said a website with useful info would be provided as well as group support, and that we would be able to provide feedback as well. It was a "consumer reports" type group. Not sure if mentioning the name would violate TOS so I wont. But I paid the fee by clicking the blue join button and waited. Nothing. I sent an IM to the group introducing myself, asking about the link to their website. Nada. Zip. As I did a search on the group owner, sure enough, it showed "none found". I sent a few IMs to individuals in the group and have gotten no answer. Basically I want my lindens back (laugh) and at the very least to find out where they went. Who received them? Even though we can all assess the answer to that one. I dont think most people attempt to contact a group owner to see if they still exist, or even are going to do what they claim before joining a group, but I wanted to put this out there so others would be aware anyway. A shop I really used to love has moved to Inworldz. Maybe I will permantly. Bottom line is LL is choosing to ignore those of us who spend a pretty damn penny to play there, we just don't pay another 10 bucks to pay their support team to ignore us, as someone said above. Her post prompted me to look at how much I've invested in Lindens in one month and my total for september is 58 bucks. Real USD. By the way, it was easier to look in my check register than going thru transaction history like she did. Keep screwing us over LL. Other grids are improving in leaps and bounds by the day. Soon we will be bending over for a better grid.
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