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  1. I recently had a bunch of wooden wagons switched to mature. What is mature about a wooden wagon. I checked the keywords and couldn't find anything that would trigger the rating unless "wooden" is considered mature.
  2. So let me get this straight. 1. LL gets a cut of every sale I make. 2. They also charge a fee when cashing out lindens. 3. And now they want to triple dip by requiring me to either get premium service (which I have no need of) OR to give them US dollars, let them make out on the exchange rate, requiring me to turn around and cash out the money I just gave them (when enough time has passed for them to be happy), then to charge yet ANOTHER fee to turn my lindens back into dollars(Quadruple dip)? Can you point me to one of those third party sites? I'll be damned if they get any extra money ou
  3. Why are there trading limits on the exchange and why is my sell limit set at $0? Is it possible to sell lindens right now at all? Mook
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